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Boys Town North Florida Partnership Makes a Difference

Dr. Weaver, Brayton Frank and Regina McQueen

Through Boys Town programs and services, children's lives are changed thanks to the individualized attention and support they receive; thanks to this, Brayton Frank is now able to see the world more clearly.

Frank was placed with Boys Town North Florida's Foster Family Services in May 2016 after being negatively discharged from his foster care placement due to behavioral issues that greatly affected his performance in school.

When seven-year-old Frank would become agitated or frustrated, he would immediately become angry and display verbal and physical aggression towards those around him. Frank's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) was started last year to assess his eligibility to receive specialized support in the classroom to help him achieve his academic goals and avoid suspension, which he had been prone to in the past.

While awaiting his eligibility, Foster Family Services Consultant Regina McQueen worked diligently with Frank's school, case manager and new foster parents to help Frank succeed and ensure that his needs were being met. Throughout this process, it was discovered that little Brayton Frank needed new glasses. With the earliest appointment available through a medical provider two months away, Boys Town turned to Dr. Tony Weaver of Eye Associates of Tallahassee.

After learning about Frank's struggle and situation, Dr. Weaver immediately set up an appointment to see him. Weaver, a long-time supporter of Boys Town North Florida and its mission, squeezed Frank in for an appointment despite his full schedule. Weaver and his associates went above and beyond to give back to Boys Town and change the life of a child in need. "Cute kid! He stole our hearts," said Weaver.

Now, with improved vision and through the kindness of Dr. Weaver, Brayton Frank is able to recognize objects, shapes and numbers that he was unable to see before. With his improved vision and IEP process coming to a close, Frank will be able to reach his academic goals and see the world more clearly. Boys Town North Florida's goal is to reunify Frank with his biological parents, who are overjoyed that his needs are being addressed and taken care of while he is not in their care.