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ART Town at Boys Town North Florida Officially Opens

Nearly two years in the making,​ Boys Town North Florida’s ART Town officially opened on January 26, 2016.

ART Town at Boys Town North Florida is a retreat where children and families can concentrate on restoring their spirit and healing their soul. ART stands for Art, Resources and Training by providing a professionally supervised, therapeutic, central location where children and families can experience personal growth in a charming and welcoming environment.

In 2013, Boys Town North Florida purchased a home on two and a half acres adjacent from the Tallahassee, Florida campus. With help from many supporters in the Tallahassee community, the home was transformed into a calm and welcoming retreat center where teaching, training, therapeutic arts-related activities, meetings and counseling sessions can take place in a quiet, private setting.

ART Town brings another element to the already life-changing care that Boys Town North Florida offers to children and families. Prior to ART Town, there wasn’t a space where activities, such as art-related activities, foster parent training and common sense parenting classes, were offered due to lack of space. ART Town can provide individualized or group assistance, resources and encouragement to children and families that are facing a wide variety of challenges or situations. Additionally, ART Town will offer mentoring and tutoring services to youth.

Boys Town North Florida held a grand-opening ceremony for the new center on January 26, 2016. The event offered tours and information on the programs that will use the facility.