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After a Bumpy Road, Siblings Find Their Forever Home

Siblings Sharron, Stephen and Aleah Duggar finally found their forever family. But there were a lot of bumps along the way. 

Their journey began when they had to be removed from their home.

The siblings grew up in poverty and neglect. Their own parents were addicted to drugs and had a meth lab in the home. The house was dirty and in poor condition, and the children were physically and emotionally neglected. Both parents had arrest histories and the father spent time in jail.

In 2013, Stephen (age 3) and Aleah (age 4) were placed in the Boys Town North Florida Foster Family Services® program. Three months later, Sharron (age 2) came to live with her siblings.

In a foster home, Boys Town Family Consultants worked with the children's foster parents to help them address the sibling's problem behaviors and past traumas. Since their biological parents had lost their parental rights, the goal was to eventually find the children an adoptive home.

Finding a forever home for children is always a challenge. Sometimes, there are several stops and starts before that miracle takes place. After one pre-adoption placement didn't work out for the three siblings, they moved back with their original foster parents.

That's when Steve and Lee Duggar got involved.         

It started when one of Aleah's teachers mentioned to a friend, Lee Duggar, three siblings at her school were hoping to be adopted.

“Lee started inquiring about the kids and then called Boys Town to ask about them," said Sara Soria, Program Support Services Coordinator for Boys Town North Florida.  “Eventually, Lee and her husband, Steve, met the kids and fell in love with them. Soon after, they wanted to adopt all three children."

The Duggars worked with Boys Town In-Home Family Services® to further develop their parenting skills and create a consistent home routine and schedule that would make the children's transition to their home easier and help set them and the family up for success. 

In addition, the site's Care Coordination Services helped link the Duggars to additional community resources and monitored those services. 

“The Duggar's were open to working with us," said Soria. “The teamwork between the foster parents and Lee and Steve was great and that was really good for the kids." 

On July 19, 2018, Sharron, Stephen and Aleah officially became members of the Duggar family. Currently, the kids are thriving in their loving forever home.

“This was a team effort and that's why it worked out so well," Soria said. “It was successful because everybody involved worked together for what was best for the kids.​"