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Shy’auna’s Success Story

Boys Town North Florida Care Coordination Consultant Emily Backes says local 17-year-old, Shy'auna Allen, knew there were resources available that could help her better her personal living conditions and help her find a job.

Shy'auna just didn't know where to turn.

Thanks to her local insurance agent, Shy'auna was referred to Boys Town and its Care Coordination Services program, and today, she is well on her way to a productive, successful life.

"She is such an impressive young person," Backes said. "Shy'auna virtually was a self-referral, which is very rare. But she knew what she wanted. She knew she wanted to better herself. She just needed to find the right community resources that could point her in the right direction. We provided her access to those resources and she basically took them and ran with it."

Backes said Shy'auna's accomplishments speak for themselves.

With Boys Town's help, Shy'auna advocated for her needs and learned to ask questions and ask for help when she needed it. She wrote and edited a resume. She used that resume to get a job at a local Subway restaurant. In school, she maintained a spot on her school's A/B Honor Roll and participated in extra-curricular activities by joining the track team.

And that was just the beginning.

Backes said Shy'auna also bettered herself by monitoring her diet and made attempts to lead a healthier lifestyle. She also applied for and was chosen to attend a 3-day conference at Florida State University with the group, "Ladies Learning to Lead."

She followed that up by graduating from high school and sent applications to attend college.

"Shy'auna's self-determination is just outstanding," Backes said. "She constantly impressed me. She continues to seek help in order to better herself. I am so proud of her accomplishments."​​