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Computer Donations Benefit Boys Town North Florida Families

Computer story

It takes a village to raise a child is a common phrase at Boys Town but what can also take a village is getting a computer in the hands of someone who desperately needs one.

In October 2018 Kasey Parsh, Administrative Assistant, Boys Town North Florida, became aware of the hardships of some families in the In-Home Family Services® program who were without computers. For one family, a mother was going back to school and needed a computer to participate in her online courses. Another family needed one for their seventeen-year-old son who was diagnosed with skin cancer and needed to home school to reduce exposure to sunlight.

Kasey could see the difficulties that were placed on these families due to their lack of a computer. To help these individuals achieve academic success, Kasey decided to approach Chris Corbin who is the Property Specialist for the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Since Boys Town is a nonprofit they have opportunities to receive surplus items from the state of Florida, including computers.

Through Mr. Corbin, Kasey was able to choose from a surplus of computers that they had available, but he did advise that the computers come with some limitations since the hard drives are wiped clean of their operating systems as part of decommissioning.

Thanks to Mr. Corbin and the State of Florida, Kasey was able to gather not just one but seven laptops to help Boys Town families. To get the laptops up and running, Kasey needed to get new operating systems and hard drives. To help with this task, Kasey reached out to Matthew Strand, Founder and CEO of That's Rite an on-call IT Network Repair Company.

After hearing the need of the families, Matthew and his IT specialists began working on these computers to get them operating. That's Rite generously donated the first hard drive that was needed, but Kasey was still on the hunt for several more hard drives for the remaining computers.

Mr. Corbin, who originally gave these computers to Kasey, was not aware that they were all missing hard drives, so he made an exemplary gesture by personally purchasing the hard drives that were needed for this project to come to fruition. The IT specialist at That's Rite even donated extra time to work with Kasey so she could properly install all these hard drives.

Thanks to a lot of time and generosity from Chris Corbin, Matthew Strand, That's Rite employees and The State of Florida these individuals will be able to keep on track with their academics. The remaining five laptops will assist other families in need.

"This is a perfect example of how bringing different people together for a common goal of helping others can create a beautiful and potentially long lasting partnership shared by the mission at Boys Town of changing the way America cares for children, families and communities," said Kasey.