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ART Town at Boys Town North Florida Hits their Two Year Milestone

ART Town

For over two years, Boys Town North Florida has been providing not only a safe space for youth, but also a creative outlet for healing. Adorned by beautiful landscape and playground, ART Town has been an incredible resource for Boys Town youth and staff to help strengthen relationships with families, as well as, provide support through hardships.

Some of the ways that ART Town has been able to allow the youth at Boys Town to express themselves and their interests is through a variety of activities that involve poetry writing, music classes and creative writing workshops. Events have also been held for the youth and staff to learn about various cultures throughout the world and to make ornaments for the Florida tree at the White House. "Art Town has allowed our youth to explore so many facets of interest and it's created a vital link between the community and our programs and clients," said Bethany Lacey, Senior Director of Program Operations. "It is also a wonderful space for fun!"

As a large safe space for the youth, Boys Town clinical specialists have a child-friendly area to conduct therapy, family visitations and supportive interventions. One of these supportive interventions is Child-Parent Psychotherapy, which is being provided to very young children and their parents who have experienced some form of trauma. "C-PP contains fidelity and therapeutic tools which support its distinction as an evidence-based therapy, something we can embrace," said Jackie Barksdale, Clinical Specialist. "But it's also fun, high energy and never boring working with young children."

Within the last year, over 200 children and families have benefitted from all the resources that ART Town has provided to be successful in the future. Boys Town North Florida has given these youth the freedom of expression while helping them repair a sense of safety, behavior and functioning within a healthy and positive environment.

"Not only does ART Town touch the creative spirit, it reaches mind body and soul through therapy, training and workshops," said Board Member, Dr. Audra Pittman. "Having space that connects our city to the amazing children that are a part of the Boys Town family is what this is all about."​