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They only ever had one request, that they stay together.​

When sisters Susie, Shannon and Sophia were removed from their mother's care, they moved onto Boys Town's Family Home campus in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Eventually they became eligible for adoption and made it very clear – they did not want to be split up. The reasoning they said was simple, “We're family."

That was almost seven years ago. Since then, they've been waiting. Waiting for their forever family and forever home. The girls display vibrant personalities, each with a slew of hobbies they love – from watching Supernatural, to assembling model dollhouses and 1,000-piece puzzles, right down to visiting Boys Town staff in the office and telling them all about their favorite endangered animals. They are sweet, smart and very typical sisters; bickering all day, then dragging blankets to each other's rooms for a sleepover at night.

For most of their time at Boys Town, the sisters were in the care of Family-Teachers® Daniel and Ellie Sheehan. The Sheehans were a staple here on our Portsmouth campus, known for their kindness and patience. As with all Family-Teachers, the Sheehans ran one of our five Family Homes – residential-style treatment facilities run in a way that mimics a “normal" home and teaches real life skills.

Last summer, with their third child on the way, the Sheehans made the very difficult decision to move closer to family and leave their positions as Family-Teachers. But the Sheehans had developed a love of the three girls. They wanted to adopt them, if possible.

With the adoption up in the air, they couldn't tell the girls what was going on right away, but they worked hard to get all the pieces in place as quickly as they could. The Sheehans knew that Susie, Shannon and Sophia were meant to be part of their forever family.

Just about a month ago, the Sheehans and the girls were finally reunited. The sisters will now grow up alongside Daniel and Ellie's two sons and infant daughter, surrounded by their extended family on a huge farm property. They are exactly where every child deserves to be, and we could not be happier to see them getting the future they have waited so patiently for. In the words of Shannon, “It's nice to feel that something is forever."

Some names have been changed for privacy.​