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Rhode Island Brother and Sister Find Their Forever Family with Boys Town Foster Parents

Introducing Owen and Harper Diaz!

When Owen and Harper arrived at Sonia Diaz's home, the foster mom quickly realized she had work to do. Not unlike many children in their situation, Owen, age 5, and Harper, age 4, had histories of physical and emotional abuse, and each had behavioral issues to work through.

Owen was a rollercoaster of emotions, which often resulted in tantrums and outbursts. He desperately needed support to learn the skills necessary to work through issues and situations in healthier ways. Harper was the opposite – reserved and shy – almost to the point of being mute. Sonia wasn't even able to get Harper to choose a pair of shoes to wear in the morning without spending the better part of an hour coaxing an answer out of her.

But Sonia and her husband, Jose, weren't deterred. With over nine years of experience as Boys Town Foster Parents, they were more than prepared for the challenge. They spent months building up trusting relationships with Owen and Harper, and focused on empowering them by providing plenty of emotional support and guidance.

Over time, Owen's emotional outbursts lessened as he learned better ways to cope with and express his feelings. And Harper eventually began singing at church in front of the entire congregation – in Spanish, which is not her first language!

It didn't take long before Sonia and Jose decided they couldn't bear the thought of Owen and Harper leaving their home, so they began the adoption process. In January of 2020, Owen and Harper officially became members of the Diaz family.

Individuals like Sonia and Jose are the reason Boys Town New England can provide such incredible care options to its foster children. The Diaz family began fostering in 2011 after Sonia just couldn't kick the feeling that “something was missing." She got hooked on watching “Tuesday's Children," a weekly spot run on Rhode Island news channels that spotlights an adoptable local child. On a whim one day, she reached out to Boys Town – and since then they've never looked back.

Sonia and Jose have built lasting relationships with more than two dozen foster children who they've welcomed into their home. Sonia prides herself on being an advocate for the children in her care, their biological families and reunification whenever it is possible. She is still in touch with the first sibling set she fostered, both are teenagers now, and their mom who Sonia pushed to be reunited with her children despite language and cultural differences that made communication tough. Over the course of their fostering lives, Sonia and Jose have adopted four children (although, according to Sonia, Jose would have “adopted them all if he could!"). They also have three adult biological children. “I always wanted a huge family!" Sonia said while laughing.

Sonia credits the ease of the foster process to Boys Town New England. “The staff at Boys Town New England…they are not my coworkers and they are not just another agency – they are my family. I can always rely on them, whether I need help with my foster kids, my adopted kids or my biological kids. They are here for my entire family; every child is important."

To learn more about becoming a foster parent please call us today at 401-845-2250 (RI) or 800-847-2025 (MA), or visit us online at