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Boys Town New England Youth Uses Art as Creative Outlet and to Inspire Others

Peter (name changed for privacy), a 14 year old boy living in one of our Portsmouth, RI, family homes, often uses art to express his thoughts and feelings. He has closely followed the Black Lives Matter movement, and has created this drawing, along with a few others, to help express his feelings surrounding current events. We asked him to tell us more about himself and his art:

Peter's drawing 1. What inspired you to create these drawings?

My Avo (mom's aunt) used to draw with me and my brothers, and now I use it to express my feelings. I watched the video of George Floyd, and I think it wasn't fair what happened to him. 

2. What do you hope others will feel or think about when they look at them?

I hope they feel inspired and encouraged.

3. You've been following the BLM Movement and watching all of the things happening across our country – How do you feel about all of this? As a young man, do you hope things will be different when you are an adult? What do you hope to see change?

I felt angry with the police. It reminded me of a time when my dad was treated poorly by the police. I hope things are different; I hope everyone treats each other well, with respect, and I hope police are less violent.

Peter's Photo 4. How do your Boys Town Family Teachers and Asst. FTs support your creativity, and your interest in current events?

They encourage me to talk about what I'm feeling, and they ask to see my pictures. I gave copies of one of my drawings to my AFT, and the house. My AFT and FT's said I could talk to them about the current events if I ever wanted to talk about it.