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Boys Town Nevada's UFC Night Kicks off Fight Week

UFC Fighters

​​Nearly 100 Boys Town Nevada youth and families gathered July 6, 2016 to enjoy Chinese food and listen to UFC fighters speak about their personal lives. UFC Night has become something the Nevada site looks forward to, thanks to Boys Town Nevada Board Member Tony Sgro. Sgro developed a partnership with UFC’s Reed Harris and Panda Express to host this successful event.

The partnership with UFC began over a decade ago and has since provided Boys Town Nevada with inspiring events twice a year where UFC fighters share their stories and interact with the youth. This year, famous fighters Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, and Johnny "Hollywood" Case delivered speeches to the audience.

Each fighter discussed their upbringings including: how they overcame obstacles through determination, hard work and staying focused, and how these values helped them on their path to becoming UFC fighters. The fighters then related this back to how the youth shouldn’t let their obstacles keep them from achieving their goals and how they can also overcome obstacles through determination, hard work and by staying focused.

“The youth were captivated by the stories of each fighter,” said Lesly Johnson, Boys Town Nevada Development Coordinator. “Just looking at their faces- they were intensely listening and their faces lit up.”

After the presentation, the youth had the opportunity to take photos with the fighters and receive signed autographs. They were also given gift cards and UFC T-shirts.

“Boys Town Nevada is really appreciative of UFC for coming out and doing this for us twice a year.” Johnson said. “Especially during fight week when the fighters are so busy; we really appreciate that they took time out of their busy schedules to come and talk to the boys and girls of Boys Town Nevada.”