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Follow Carlatta and Kaye’s Journey with Boys Town Nevada

Boys Town Carlatta and Kaye

Kaye is a smart, sweet, vivacious young girl, but she was struggling. She'd been in and out of multiple foster homes and was desperate for attention and affection. When Carlatta took Kaye in, she was hopeful it would turn out to be Kaye's forever home, but after all Kaye had been through, behavioral issues continued. It was at that point that a Boys Town School Support Specialist working at Kaye's school recognized her struggles and recommended her family work with an In-Home Family Consultant. 

Carlatta was hesitant to let a stranger into her home. But she found Ashley, the Boys Town Consultant, to be warm, focused and helpful. Over the course of three-plus months Ashley worked with Carlatta and Kaye, helping them to build upon their strengths, and finding tools to help address challenges. Slowly but surely, Kaye's behavior improved, and Carlatta's comfort in being a hands-on parent to Kaye grew.

Working with Boys Town provided guidance and tools at a time when Carlatta says she felt hopeless.  With new parenting skills and a new perspective, Carlatta officially adopted Kaye earlier this year, providing the love and consistency that Kaye had been searching for.    

See Carlatta and Kaye's journey with Boys Town here.