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Family Builds on Boys Town’s Help to Chart Brighter Future

Taylor Family

​Sometimes, parents just need a helping hand when it comes to dealing with a child's problem behaviors.

That's the situation Louella and Justin Taylor found themselves in when their son, Eric, started misbehaving in school and at home.

Louella is an energetic, understanding and concerned mom who enjoys photography in her spare time. She believes in the power of art for all ages. Justin is a great dad who is not afraid to be silly with his kids. He stays calm and is very consistent in his discipline. Eric is an active little boy who likes video games and telling stories. His sister, Hana, is a funny, independent girl who likes to explore things before she gets involved in them.

Besides getting him into trouble at school, Eric's negative behaviors were causing stress at home. They were hurting family relationships and causing everyone to get upset and frustrated.

Like so many parents, the Taylors found the help they needed at Boys Town Nevada.

The family learned of Boys Town services through Eric's school. Soon, they were meeting with a Boys Town Consultant in their home, learning new parenting methods and positive ways to strengthen their family's relationships. Through a combination of In-Home Family Services, Care Coordination Services and Common Sense Parenting® classes, Louella and Justin began to make steady progress in effectively correcting Eric's negative behaviors and praising and reinforcing his positive behaviors.

By the time Boys Town services ended, the couple was parenting both of their children with more confidence and consistency. And everyone in the family had grown closer.

"We are more focused on goals," Louella said. "We now have the tools and resources to address problems. I've learned about using effective consequences and also being flexible with my parenting skills."

Parenting is tough. It's okay to ask for help. When the Taylors reached out to Boys Town Nevada, they found a new direction for their parenting and new ways to strengthen their family.