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Boys Town Nevada Care Coordination Services Helps Family Get Back on Track

After facing years of abuse and domestic violence, Maria was finally able to get away from her husband. She left with her six children and started a new life. She dedicated herself to work so that she could support herself and her children. But then, the pandemic hit. Maria was laid off. Unable to find another job in the middle of a pandemic, she fell behind on rent and bills. Maria was determined and kept looking for employment. When she found a new job a few months later, it was for the night shift. But she took the job and made it work.

Exhausted from parenting six children on her own while trying to adjust to a new schedule that required her to stay up all night, sometimes Maria would fall asleep as soon as she got home. This meant the children didn't always get to school on time, if at all. Their attendance started dropping and the kids' school became concerned. The school asked Boys Town for help and our School Support Specialist, Mayra, came out to the family's home to determine their needs and got them signed up for Boys Town's Care Coordination Program.

Boys Town Care Coordination Services is designed to help families find the community resources and support they
need to improve stability. Our Care Coordination Consultant, Delia, was a constant source of support for the family.

Unfortunately, Maria received an eviction notice because she had become behind on rent during the months she did not have a job. Delia was able to help Maria find rental assistance and find a new apartment to live in. Maria learned how to look for community resources that helped her become financially stable.

Meanwhile, Mayra worked with the children in school to help them get back on track after missing so many days. Thanks to the wraparound support Boys Town provided, every member of the family benefitted. Everyone is less stressed, and Maria is thankful to be able to care for herself and her children.​