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A Family United


​​​This past year has been a challenging one.

For families already facing challenges, 2020 proved to be a tipping point. It pushed some households to the brink. This was the case for Melissa and her husband and three children, who were feeling the crushing weight of the stress and challenges brought on by the current pandemic.

Melissa was struggling with alcoholism, and with it, some violent tendencies. She felt the security of the future of her family was in jeopardy. It was then that Melissa reached out to Boys Town Nevada to get herself and her family the support that they needed.

Through Boys Town's In-Home Family Service® program and its Common Sense Parenting® classes, Melissa and her family received intensive support to help them identify weaknesses to improve upon, and strengths to build on. The moment Melissa and her family started working with Raeanna, one of Boys Town Nevada's In-Home Family Services Consultants, Melissa said there was an immediate connection. Her family felt at ease and were reassured that a brighter future lay ahead. Melissa received treatment for her addiction, and at the same time, the family worked together to address additional struggles within their household.

For several months, Melissa and her husband focused on improving parenting techniques. Along with their children, the family focused on communication and addressed behavioral issues. Melissa could not believe the improvements her family saw in just a few short months. For the first time in a long time, they felt unified.

Melissa credited Boys Town's programs with changing her life and saving her family.

“We're happy to have Boys Town in our (lives) because it benefitted us very well,“Melissa said.  “All the programs that (have) been offered to us and that we participated in really helped my family be united together."

Melissa encourages other families to seek any help they may need and to reach out to Boys Town Nevada to take advantage of its many programs.

“It's going to change your life," she said.​