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Face of the Day: Debbie Orduna

Debbie Orduna is the director of Boys Town Iowa, an affiliate of the national Boys Town organization.

This ​article was posted on on April 18, 2016.

Debbie Orduna is the director of Boys Town Iowa, an affiliate of the national Boys Town organization that has been bringing hope and healing to children and families for nearly 100 years. Boys Town Iowa primarily provides In-Home Family Services, which began helping families in Pottawattamie County in 1989 and has since grown to serve 30 western Iowa counties.

Boys Town Iowa prevents child abuse by teaching parents skills that empower them to overcome challenges that threaten the stability of their home and the safety of their children. These challenges include economic hardship, substance abuse, marital issues and family conflict. In-Home Family Services help families stay together by preventing the removal of children from their homes or by reunifying children with their families if outside placement is necessary.

“Every family deserves the chance to stay together and receive services that can help them heal and thrive,” Orduna said. “When families are strong, our communities are strong. Helping children grow up in safe, stable homes and providing parents with the tools to support their family is critical to keeping children safe and keeping families together.”

Boys Town Iowa Family Consultants are available to work with and provide support to families 24/7, helping parents build on their strengths, improve their parenting skills and connect to community resources and supports. Family consultants also coach parents on how to solve problems on their own so they can maintain a stable, nurturing home long after an intervention ends.

Boys Town Iowa also provides Common Sense Parenting classes, which teach parents and other caregivers proven techniques for building strong family relationships, preventing and correcting children’s misbehavior, using consequences to improve behavior, maintaining self-control and staying calm. Classes are presented in the community in formal and informal settings.