Employee Spotlight Waneta

Meet Waneta, one of our Family-Centered Services Specialists. Waneta has been a part of our Boys Town team since January 2019 and is the longest tenured direct care provider in our Council Bluffs office. Waneta is outstanding at assisting families in identifying why making some changes can improve their family situation and working with them to reach their goals. She is also a positive role model for other Specialist who are newer to the job, mentoring them and helping them grow in their position.

Some fun facts about Waneta:

  1. Waneta makes doll clothes during her time off.
  2. She enjoys fishing with her long-term partner, John.
  3. She enjoys shopping with family and friends.

Waneta says what she enjoys most about her work is: “Being able to help parents reach their full potential."​