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Then and Now

Boys Town's Beliefs and Values Remain the Same

Whether it's 1917 when Father Flanagan founded Boys Town or 2020, our belief that EVERY child deserves a chance to be loved remains a core value at Boys Town.

Father Flanagan held certain beliefs and values that were ahead of his time. He believed that love, compassion, tolerance and inclusion, combined with teaching and good role modeling, are keys to helping struggling and troubled children get back on track and have a chance to build brighter futures. All these years later, it's remarkable to see and hear Father Flanagan talk about his philosophy of care and to know it resonates with and inspires so many today.

Boys Town Then

Then: If the future of our country is to be secure from dangerous enemies from within, parents and guardians of children must become more conscious of the responsibilities which God has placed upon them. We must become more virtuous in our own lives that may teach more effectively the lesson of proper citizenship by example as well as instruction. Kindness and love will open the heart of any problem boy. That heart will melt within the warmth of the sunshine of love. I have really never found a boy who wanted to be bad.

Boys Town Now

Now: Boys Town truly is an amazing place and I think many times people don’t realize how unique it is. This place is a huge melting pot for kids everywhere. We have students who come from all over the country. I can think of no other place in the world where kids from all different walks of life are slammed together with the expectation to get along and grow, and the funny thing is it works. Father Flanagan must have known what he was doing so many years ago. Without Boys Town some of us may not even still be alive. If that is not special or what some would call a miracle, then I’m not sure what is. Father Flanagan started this home with a dream and how could anyone say that his dream is not still alive today.

Your Gift
Makes an Impact

At Boys Town, we believe there are no bad children — only children who need compassion, understanding and a second chance. Every dollar of your donation helps us in our mission and goes toward Boys Town programs that help youth succeed.

Celebrating a
Century of Diversity

From its inception in 1917, Boys Town welcomed every child regardless of race, religion or creed. Today, we remain committed to do the same.