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Syracuse Jr. High Student Council Donates $750 to Boys Town During 2024 Annual Visit and Tour

The Syracuse, Nebraska, Junior High Student Council made their annual visit to Boys Town on Thursday, May 9, 2024, and were able to meet with new National Director of Mission and Spirituality, Father Jeff Mollner, and take a tour of the Boys Town Education Center.

In a tradition that started in 2007, the group also made a donation to Boys Town for the 18th consecutive year. Those donations now total $9,250. The eight student council members and their sponsor, Sallie Agena, presented a $750 check to Father Mollner at the Education Center. Last year they requested the donation go to the Education Center, which was still under construction. This year they got to see the finished product.

"What an incredible building,” Agena said. “Boys Town youth are so fortunate to have such a state-of-the-art place to study and learn. Our kids were so impressed. It is so bright and welcoming. Everything about it is first class.”

Agena said it is up to her group to decide where they want to go for their annual field trip, and where they want to donate the money they have raised over the school year.

"Ever since our first visit back in 2007, Boys Town has left an impression on our students,” Agena said. “They have learned what Boys Town does for children – children that they have learned are just like them. And, they have learned a lot about the Home. Most importantly, they’ve brought that message back to their classmates and it has created a great feeling for Boys Town."

This year the group was able to have Boys Town Mayor, Jafar, lead the tour of campus. Besides the Education Center, they also visited the Hall of History, Palrang Fieldhouse and Dowd Chapel, the final resting spot of Boys Town founder, Father Edward Flanagan. They also received a surprise when they were able to tour Jafar’s Family Home and meet his Family-Teachers, Jeff and Hillary Jackson.

Agena said one thing that always stays with her students is the social skills Boys Town youth learn and use as part of their daily routine.

"When Boys Town kids make eye contact, introduce themselves and shake your hand, it leaves a lasting impression," she said. "Every year on our ride home, our kids comment on how the Boys Town youth are nothing like they expected. It gives them a special feeling of what is happening on your campus."

The group finished their tour having lunch at the Boys Town Visitors Center.