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Photo of Anne's Tattoos

Omaha Woman's Tattoo Marks Mental Health Journey

This story originally appeared on KETV.

'You quite literally saved my life'

In the last 20+ years, more than 10,800 youth suicides have been prevented thanks to the Boys Town National Hotline®.

"We're on their team, we want to help them," said Anne McNamee.

She's been answering those calls for a long time.

This week, Anne got a different call -- a young woman whom she helped save.

She reached out to Anne over Zoom to reconnect.

"Oh wow, is that you?"

On the other screen, Isabela Krawczyk.

Five years ago, Isabela was planning to take her own life, but she made one last call to the Boys Town Hotline.

"You quite literally saved my life," Krawczyk said.

Isabela has made a lot of progress since then. She graduated high school and is living in Chicago.

She said she wanted to reach out to Boys Town to find Anne, and tell her how that one conversation is still a constant part of her healing process.

She's reminded of Anne, every time she looks down at her wrist.

"Whenever I'm not in a good place, I will look over and be like -- oh yeah."

Isabela has Anne's name tattooed on her arm. Her mom has the ink, too.

"I think that the name and you is really meaningful, because during the phone call you went above and beyond of anything I could have possibly hoped for," Isabela said.

If you or someone you know is struggling, the Boys Town Hotline is open around the clock: 1-800-448-3000. There is also a website geared for teens.

Watch Their Heartfelt Reconnection