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New Benefit for Family Teachers Provides Huge College Fund Opportunities

Boys Town Contributor

​Beginning in 2023, the children of Family-Teachers® living with their parents at Boys Town will be eligible for college fund benefits based on their parent's years of service. This new program, The Father Flanagan's Boys' Home Scholarship Fund, offers benefits for each dependent child of Family-Teachers who choose to stay at Boys Town long term. Benefits start at $25K for each child after 7 years of service.

“We are honoring our Family-Teachers' kids who live here with their parents with money to go to college," said Angie Powers, Executive Director of Home Campus. “We're saying to them, your time here has been time when you've shared your parents and we want to invest in you. We're making a commitment to your educational future."

This exciting new benefit can substantially help towards the cost of college and is just one more way that Boys Town shows how much we value the contributions of our Family-Teachers.​

“It's exciting that the kids are being recognized for being here and being a part of the family, because we are one big family," said Joe West, Family-Teacher at Boys Town and recipient of a $75,000 check for his three children's 529 education plan.