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​Infidelity, manipulation and verbal abuse had created a toxic home life for Claudia Chavez and her children, so she mustered the courage to seek a new start for herself and her young sons, Adrian and Erick.

With no financial support from her estranged husband, Claudia worked two jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. It was an uncertain and demanding time, but Claudia didn’t complain. Instead, she went to counseling to heal emotional scars and enrolled in parenting classes​ to become a better mom.

Her ex-husband remarried, became a stepfather and proceeded to ignore Adrian and Erick. For 8-year-old Adrian, it felt like a second divorce, and he began to lash out.

There were fights, arguments and tears at home and in school. His grades went into freefall. Adrian was so out of sorts and disruptive that school officials referred the family to Boys Town Nevada In-Home Family Services® for support and counseling.

Boys Town Family Consultant Yoly Smith patiently listened to the family’s concerns and praised Claudia for being a positive role model. The family quickly felt more at ease, and for the next six weeks, they embraced the Family Consultant as one of their own.

Smith taught Claudia new parenting skills, including how to correct misbehaviors, set appropriate boundaries and use praise to reinforce and encourage her sons. She also taught Adrian and Erick helpful social skills to help them channel their feelings in healthier, more helpful ways.

The skill-teaching had a profound effect on the family, especially Adrian. His daily disruptions at school diminished to the point where he went weeks without a single incident. At home, there was much less tension and far fewer arguments.

Today, the boys are thriving and happy. Claudia continues to work hard and provide for her family, and she recently started a job that has given the family more flexibility and financial freedom.

With a fresh perspective and boundless courage, Claudia and her sons have reclaimed their future.