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At Boys Town, safety of our youth and other residents is priority number one. A campus police department dedicated to keeping its young residents safe. Just like any city, Boys Town has essential services like police and fire departments, along with other first responders, to ensure the safety and well-being of all its citizens.

Many of the youth who come to Boys Town have lived in underserved, challenging environments where they may have developed negative views of authority figures, including the police.

While Boys Town Police officers enforce the law and investigate allegations like any other city police department, they also play an important role in helping youth develop healthier, more positive relationships with law enforcement. They are specially trained to interact with Boys Town’s unique population of youth in ways that prioritize safety while also fostering trust and understanding.

When unsafe or harmful allegations arise with youth or any citizen, Boys Town responds swiftly to ensure their protection. All accusations are reported to independent entities, including the Boys Town Police Department and Child Protective Services when an accusation involves a youth. Boys Town fully cooperates with independent investigations and abides by their findings. In addition to reporting allegations to independent parties, Boys Town also reports to our Youth Safety Audit Department. This department, as it is named, has youth safety as its number one priority. The Youth Safety Audit Department conducts investigations and reports directly to the National Board of Trustees.

Boys Town Police are not only dedicated to enforcing the law but also to building positive relationships with at-risk youth and fostering a sense of safety and security within the community. Through their efforts, they play a vital role in creating a supportive environment where all children can thrive and leave with a new, improved perspective of and appreciation for all police do for their communities.