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Boys Town Logo

​​​​​​“When you help a child today, you write the history of tomorrow."

- Father Edward Flanagan

Father Flanagan knew that children facing neglect, indifference and abuse had bleak futures. So, he founded Boys Town on the belief that all children, no matter their race, color or creed, deserve the chance to learn and grow to their fullest potential – physically, emotionally and intellectually.

He wanted all children to have the chance to be successful. To do this, he provided a home with generous amounts of love, attention, patience and understanding. He also provided educational opportunities, while pioneering alternative education (instead of prison) and vocational training.

We remain committed to ensuring that our young people, many of whom are disadvantaged or from economically challenged communities, receive fair and equal opportunities in their education so they can change their lives, the lives of their families and the futures of their communities.

The current Boys Town High School, built in 1948, has helped thousands of children succeed. It was functional for a long time; however, times have changed and the facility is not able to adequately meet the challenges our students face today.

“Many Boys Town youth come from challenging environments and have never had the opportunity to attend a well-resourced school where they could receive a quality education," said Rod Kempkes, Chief Executive Officer of Boys Town. “Our school is an active part of the care, treatment and behavioral research that are foundational to Boys Town programs used at schools throughout the country." 

Boys Town's ongoing research and strategies have shown time and again the powerful role of education in combating poverty, improving the standard of living and increasing the likelihood of success. This campaign will ensure that not only Boys Town students receive these opportunities, but also students across the country as the systems and tools developed by Boys Town staff are carried forward through our education training services.

We see this investment in the new Boys Town Educational Center as a reaffirmation that all youth, no matter their backgrounds or experiences, deserve the same opportunities to succeed. Education is a right, not a privilege.  

Click here for a closer look at the details of the Boys Town Education Center campaign.

To ensure all kids can access the same opportunities to thrive and succeed in school and throughout their lives, today we seek to make investments in our educational facilities and services. If you would like to support our campaign in this important endeavor with a donation, please click here.