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Jake, Boys Town foster parent

"You're looking at them, and they're looking at you like you're their alpha and their omega. I guess it's everything.

And I think once you get that perspective, then you have the reality that this is absolutely the right thing to do. I can't imagine doing anything else." 

When families choose to foster, they don’t just open their homes. They open their hearts, too. With their first placement of a tween brother and sister pair and their second placement of three young brothers, April and Jake and their two biological kids fell in love with their foster kids immediately. When they learned that adoption was an option, they knew it was the right choice for them. On adoption day, their family officially grew from four to nine!


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April: when we started fostering, I think our biggest concern going into it was Jake saying, I don't know if I do this if I can give kids back, you know, or up. We had the opportunity to have two kids come in our world about two years ago, Justina and Eugene, and they became immediately part of our family. But we, a week or so ago on a Friday, did legal guardianship for the two of them. And that started the fun of our week. And that following Wednesday, we adopted the three boys. So, we now are a family of nine. And it was, kind of, set of relief knowing they weren't going to leave because they're our family and we love them. And there's no worry, they're safe.

April: Well, totality I think it's been two and a half year.

Jake: They went in on Christmas morning.

April: we were actually their third placement.

April: It's been our philosophy, I think, from day one is that, you know, we have brought these kids and immediately treat them like our family. We built a rapport with them, and immediately, we asked them what their wants and wishes were. Our girls played sports and had extracurricular activities. We immediately asked them what they wanted to do. You know, Eugene wanted to play football, so we got him into football. So, we wanted them to feel that they were...

Jake: He literally told us it was his lifelong dream to play football.

April: Yes. So now, he's on the freshman team a couple of years later. He's our kid. like, from day one, you're not gonna be any different than any other child in our home. And we've stood that ground from whether it be activities, whether it be responsibilities, chores, rules, those type of things. And I feel like that's been significant in their behavior, you know, that we haven't had a lot of behavior issues because they feel like...

Jake: They're loved.

April: working with Boys Town has been great. I mean, we have Tameka as our consultant. The resources and the team there has been, I think, phenomenal. They just have been over the top supportive and kind.

Jake: I think you just come to that realization after a while. For a minute, they're just like, "Okay. How do we do this? How do we take them places?" And then, all of a sudden, you're looking at them and they're looking at you, like, you're their alpha and their omega, I guess. It's everything. And I think once you get that perspective, then you have the reality that this is absolutely the right thing to do and I can't imagine doing anything else.

April: I think from an adoption standpoint, it's a wonderful thing. And people, when I tell them I have seven kids, it always, they, kind of, gasp. You know, there are always like, you know, mouth-drop type of thing. And I often get, how do you do it? You know, how can you do it? And I always wanna say "How can you not?" Because at the end of the day, there are a lot of kids out there that need to be adopted or they need to be fostered.

Jake: I think the thing that's important to consider when you're adopting children is that they all have devices and all want phones. So, you really need to expand your Wi-Fi network. It's really important.