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Since the beginning, Boys Town has been committed to saving the lives of children and healing families. Father Flanagan knew the importance of researching and understood the methods that lead to positive outcomes and lasting results for children. 

Your generosity can be a catalyst for change. Donating to research is an investment in the future, enabling progress, innovation, and solutions to the challenges facing modern families. It has a ripple effect, positively impacting children, families and communities – for this generation and the future. Embrace your role as a changemaker by making your contribution today.

We research tirelessly to create clinical applications that positively impact the lives of the pediatric patients we care for. Our current studies explore areas such as:

  • Determining if environmental toxin exposure impacts children's mental health
  • Improving hearing healthcare and outcomes for individuals with Down syndrom
  • The impact of puberty on the brain and mental health
  • How children learn words in noisy environments such as classrooms

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History of Research at Boys Town

Today, Boys Town has more than 40 research labs focusing on areas that directly supports our many educational and clinical programs. The experts at Boys Town National Research Hospital run research programs that yield useable findings to create positive outcomes for the children in our care. We are a world leader in hearing, speech and language research and have years of background in behavioral research in areas such as trauma, substance abuse, pediatric brain health and development, while neurology and neuropsychologic disorders represent our newest lines of research.

Because of the translational nature of our behavior research, we aim to understand how young minds develop, and to provide therapies for the impacts of environmental factors such as substance abuse, trauma and neglect. We have developed proven methods to improve school problems, such as absenteeism and disruptive behaviors, keeping kids out of the system. We have transformed the clinical diagnosis and treatment of childhood hearing loss and language disorders, pioneering the infant hearing screening that has helped millions of children worldwide.