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Tim's Story

Stealing, drugs, truancy, no father growing up. Tim was headed the wrong direction fast, possibly to jail or an early grave. Seizing the opportunity, his mother sent him to Boys Town, where he thrived, both academically and athletically. He even found a father figure in h​is high school track coach. As a result, Tim was a standout in the University of Nebraska track and field program. He also proudly ​graduated with a major in child, youth & family studies, and has begun a career with Boys Town helping kids just like himself.

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Tim: Pretty much anything you can think of, I was getting involved into that was negative, a lot of marijuana use, truancy, stealing cars, just a lot of breaking the law.

Lydia: I thought that I had a good son, and he just was fallen the wrong way, following the wrong crowd.

Tim: A lot of my childhood friends are no longer here with me. And those guys are either dead, locked up, or not doing anything with their lives. And if I hadn't gone to Boys Town, I wouldn't be here today. There's no doubt in my mind I would be six feet under.

Lydia: It was very hard. But even Tim, as a young person, knew that the way he was going, he probably would. I don't even want to guess where he might be right now. That was the answer. Boys Town was the answer for Tim.

Tim: When you get on Boys Town's campus anyway, I just feel so much power just surrounding me, like just being home.

When I arrived today and I saw my family teachers, it was a feeling of joy as well just because they just put so much joy in my heart. They took away all the bad feelings that I had, and they just replaced them with love, just unlimited love.

Lydia: It was like Tim was their child. And that made me feel good about him not being at home.

Tim: All my family teachers wanted was the best for me. And they put out so much. And I feel like their efforts that they put in my life will never be matched no matter what I do.

Unfortunately for myself, I grew up without my biological father. When I came into Boys Town, I was just around great people. Roger Redmond, I can't thank him enough. He started me off in track. And without him, I probably wouldn't be here, honestly.

Boys Town helped me become coachable and ultimately showed me that I had a chance to do something that was bigger than high school athletics and gave me confidence going into Division I athletics.

Gary: Tim has been a real team guy, first of all, for the University of Nebraska's track and field program.

Seth: His competitive nature within the team and his passion really leads a lot of people to continue to strive like he has.

Tim: My major is in Child Youth and Family Studies, with a minor in education. As far as academics go, Boys Town just helped me to see the importance of it all.

I want my future to be involved in helping kids in whatever organization. But if its Boys Town, that would be the cherry on top.

They got the motor running. I was a broken down car. And they polished me up, an they shined me up and they fixed me up. And now I'm revving towards graduation and being a positive citizen.

Boys Town has your best interest at heart. Truly. You will never be surrounded by so many people that care about you. It's life changing. And as far as the people where I'm from, they know. They were instrumental in me making it through Boys Town, because they were just like, "Tim, I wish I had the opportunity. And if you waste it, you're going to let down the whole neighborhood."

If I hadn't gone to Boys Town, I think I would either be in jail or dead. I think I would have broken my mother's heart. And I never would have unlocked the potential like I'm doing now.

Lydia: Boys Town was the answer and no doubt about it, the best thing that could have happened in Tim's life.

Tim: Mom, forever grateful and forever in debt to you for your hard work and your determination, and you making that very difficult decision that you made to send me to Boys Town, Nebraska. And it paid off tremendously. I love you, and I'm forever grateful.

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