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Ryan's Story

The changes that structure, support and people who believe in you can make are AMAZING. Just ask Ryan. Before he came to Boys Town, he was headed down the wrong path. But living in a Boys Town Family Home and the chance to participate in the Successful Futures Program turned his life around!

“Before Bo​​ys Town, I had no thought of graduating from high school…now I have a whole plan for my future!"​

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Ryan: Before I came here, I would never have even, like, thought of graduating and, like, going on to a higher level of education. Now, I have a whole plan for my future. Like, I've got a set plan and I know what I'm doing. And it feels good.

Brad: Ryan is the kind of guy that everybody wants on their team.Ryan got connected to the Center for Human Performance Optimization through a shared interest and mission with the Successful Futures program. And when we opened, I learned about Successful Futures and their heart and mission to launch healthy adults out into the community. And that's really what we would do here.

Ryan: The thing I love most about working here is seeing the patients grow and be able to do more than they had been able to when they came.

Ryan: If I hadn't come to Boys Town, I would definitely be up to no good. To be honest, I'd probably be in jail or in another detention facility.

Chris: Ryan is a different kid now. When he came - immature, very focused on the wrong things. Now he wants to do something with his life, he wants to be successful. And he has the ability for sure.

Ryan…While I'm at Boys Town, I'm getting my CNA, which is I'm gonna be a certified nursing assistant. Right after graduation, I'm planning on going back to Texas and working, using my CNA to work. So, I put that to use before I go to college. In the fall, I'll be attending Northeast Community College to get my physical therapist assistant degree, which is an associate's degree.

Brad: I hope for Ryan's future success, whatever that looks like for him. So, whether that's a future in physical therapy or as he learns more about it, if he decides something else, I think he's gonna do great things.

Ryan: My goal one day would be to come back and work for Boys Town. They actually said I would have a spot after getting my degree. So, I'm looking forward to that.

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