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Lexi's Story

Lexi's story is a powerful example of how Boys Town can save lives. After losing her mom and being rejected by her dad, Lexi was in a really dark place. But with the unwavering support and guidance of her adoptive parents and the amazing staff at Boys Town, she blossomed into a confident, driven young woman.

Discovering her love for horses, Lexi is now following her dreams at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, where she's earning degrees in equine management and beef production.

But she's not stopping there - Lexi wants to pay it forward by opening her own ranch and becoming a foster parent to help kids just like Boys Town helped her. Her incredible journey showcases the strength and resilience that Boys Town nurtures in the young people it serves.

Today, there are more young people like Lexi getting ready to take their next steps. They need your help, too.

Watch Lexi's Story​

Jill: You hate to see your child in pain in what she's going through. And Lexi was going through a really hard time.

She was in a major depressive state right before she turned 16.  First with realizing she lost her mom, she gave her up, she lost her parental rights. And then at one one point, she was told that they asked her biological dad if he would take her, and he said no. And then she went through another wave of grief with that and just could not get out of it.

Jeremy: We tried so hard together and she ultimately came to the decision that she couldn't live here anymore.

Jill: Yeah.

Jeremy: And then we knew we needed Boys Town.

Lexi: When I first got to Boys Town, I was very unsure. I went to therapy until I like graduated the program.

They talked through issues with me that I was having, and basically they just gave me support in ways that I didn't realize I needed

Jill:  It was amazing to watch her grow and to be confident and to be able to speak her mind in positive ways and be assertive in appropriate ways. And, we saw her mood elevate, but she just grew at Boys Town.

Lexi: I had like a near death experience and I tell people like, I'm really here because God Saved me. Boys Town has helped me shape my future the way I wanted to be, but they're also helping support me while I'm following my dreams. Currently I am going to Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, and when I graduate I'l have my equine industry management degree, a horse training certificate, and my Beef Pro certificate.

Jill: We are so proud of her. She turned into a cowgirl overnight. We feel like we dropped her off at college and she like transformed into the person she's been wanting to be for a long time, and she has the skills to do it, and we're so happy for her.

Lexi: My dream job after I graduate is I'd really eventually want to be able to open my own ranch where I can have my own horses and my own cows, but I also wanna be a foster parent and help kids the way like Boys Town helped me.

So many of the kids at Boys Town have gone through so many things, and so I'm proud to be part of that community in the village that helped raise me and helped make me be the person I am today.

Jill: Boys Town is a godsend.

I can't imagine where we and Lexi would be if she hadn't gone there for the time that she was there.

I can't imagine where she'd be now if she didn't have it.

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