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Jessy's Story

​​Jessy grew up in poverty, forced to raise her two younger sisters who witnessed the sexual, emotional and physical abuse she endured while trying to keep them safe. Things began to look up for Jessy when she and her sisters were adopted by her​ grandparents, but the past still haunted her. Find out how Boys Town helped her become happy, healthy and a mentor to young girls.

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Jessy: Life before Boys Town was very difficult for me. It was hard. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico with my two sisters. Taking care of my siblings was very difficult. We didn’t have diapers, we didn’t have clean clothes. We would pretty much walk around with underwear because were just very dirt poor. I was sexually abused, mentally and physically. My sisters would sit there and watch and see what was going on and it was hard for them too because they cry and they want to help you but they just couldn’t.

My grandparents came and picked us up. That’s when we knew we were gone, we were leaving Mexico for good. It was a really big relief because I knew they would take care of us. When I was adopted by my grandparent’s, things were doing very great here. I got to be involved in many sports and stuff and once I came to junior high, things went downhill for me. I decided that ending my life was the best situation. My grandma came in and saw me and saw what I had done and she took me, and my grandpa both, and took me to the hospital. After that, they brought me here to Boys Town.

When I first started Boys Town, I was very angry. I didn’t want to do things. But soon I became to like Boys Town. I liked the structure, I liked everything about it.

Joe: Having come from what she had to overcome, it’s inspiring. To be where she’s at now, you know, to be the outgoing and the lovable and the laughing and you know, just enjoying life and being very positive and a role model and a leader and being someone that the younger girls can look up to.

Jessy: Boys Town has worked for me because they are here just for you. They are here to help you succeed. They are here to help you​ become the person that you want to be. Thank goodness there is a Boys Town.

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