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Jennifer's Story

As a young girl, Jennifer never really fit in. This was especially true when it came to school. Her grades were poor, and it was often a struggle just to get her to attend. Eventually, Jennifer came to Boys Town. As a Boys Town middle-schooler entering the seventh grade, Jennifer realized that she had been given a second chance, and she made the most of it. Five years later, Jennifer graduated Boys Town High School with a 3.65 GPA and was fielding scholarship offers from multiple colleges. She also managed to be elected​ Boys Town mayor along the way.

Watch Jennifer's Story​

Jennifer: My name is Jennifer, and I've been here for almost five years.

I want to be Mayor for Boys Town because I think I'm a good role model. I think it's just a great way to give back to Boys Town, since I've been here for so long.

Man: Mayor is Jen Nguyen. Let's hear it for Jen!

Kim: This year, we do have one of our young ladies who's going to be on Prom Court, Jennifer.

Jennifer: I am really nervous. So, one of my best friends is on the Court, too, so that's going to be interesting.

Man: Jennifer Nguyen.

Jennifer: I got chosen to go to Ireland to speak on the behalf of Boys Town at a conference.

Scott: And so, she got to meet the President of Ireland, and the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, and all sorts of neat opportunities.

Jennifer: Ireland was probably the most exciting trip I've ever had. It was, obviously, it was a trip of a lifetime.

Right now, I have many mixed emotions. I'm really excited to graduate, but I'm also sad to leave my family teachers. I'm looking forward to going to college and starting my new life.​

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