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If I Hadn't Come to Boys Town

For over 100 years now, children from all over America have been saying these exact words. Father Flanagan knew that “his boys" were being abandoned by parents and failed by the “youth justice" system of the day. And for many boys and girls who come to Boys Town, it's no different today. For many, Boys Town is their last hope for a second chance.

Of course, it is our compassionate donors like you who make second chances, dreams and happy endings possible. Without you, these children wouldn't have been able to come to Boys Town. We thank you! And the kids thank you!

​If I hadn't come to Boys Town I couldn't for sure say that I would be alive.

Probably would be in a juvenile detention prison.

I don't feel like I would have had the will to want to live.

Probably would have gone back to gangs, would have definitely gone back to drugs.

Think I'd end up with some charges and be in jail.

I would have ended my life.

Still been out on the streets.

In jail or dead.

I may not even be here right now.

You know, to think that I could have almost not ended up there.

There are boys and girls (many now men and women) who would never have had a second chance in life if it wasn't for loyal supporters of Boys Town. Please consider a gift today to help more kids tomorrow.

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