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Getting Involved at Boys Town

Boys Town offers numerous campus activities that not only help keep kids out of trouble but also teach them valuable life skills. Whether participating in sports, drama, music or other activities, Boys Town kids have the opportunity to become a part of ​something meaningful. ​For many of our kids, activities give them the chance to forge lasting ​​​friendships and experience things they’ve never had the chance to try.

Child 1: Getting involved on ​campus is really easy. They're accepting of everybody. They highly encourage you to get involved, ​because being involved helps you stay out of trouble and focus on things that you want to achieve, and helps you make a lot of friends.

Man: Boys Town offers many sports, football, soccer, track, cross country, volley ball.

Child 2: Cheer leading, even though some say it's not really a sport, I feel like it's a sport. Wrestling, basketball, softball in the summer. We have swim teams.

Child 3: The drama club. They do two plays a year. Band is a ton of fun.

Child 4: The coach is always talking about being positive, helping others. Not just a sport, but teaching you how to play right and be fair when you play.

Child 5: JROTC is just, it's wonderful. It's really awesome. It teaches you leadership skills, and confidence.

Child 6: I feel like kids at Boys Town really needs to get their minds off things. Before they came here, they were doing other things they were ​occupying their time with. Negative things. And so when you come here and you actually have a chance to play on a team, because everyone has a chance no matter what, to be a part of something, it's completely encouraged by everyone. Then I think it gives them a chance to really build a relationship, a healthy relationship with people and know what it's like to be on a team.

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