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Success Stories

The Miracle of Everyday Achievements

At Boys Town, transformation begins with love and unwavering support. Students once burdened with feelings of worthlessness, discover their true potential and worth through the nurturing guidance of Family-Teachers like Jeff and Jenny.

For these educators, witnessing the everyday 'miracles' – a student's first A, a peaceful conversation, a sense of belonging – is a profound joy. Boys Town's culture of persistent care and opportunity enables its students to rewrite their stories, finding not just success, but a renewed sense of self and a place where they truly matter.

Ellie E.: My Family-Teachers mean a lot to me. And I'm literally trying not to cry. Oh my gosh. They really put hope in me. They told me that I was a miracle and people had never told me that before, they just told me I wasn't worth it, I wasn't beautiful enough and I would never be good enough for them. And when I got here, they pretty much told me like, "We're not leaving you, so don't get that idea.

Jeff: Hi, I am Jeff, and this is my wife, Jenny. We've been family teachers for 23 years.

Jeff: You know, I think the thing that I love most about family teaching is just the fact that it is my life. Every day, I wake up and I have a purpose to help other people. 

Jenny: The main part is just getting to see miracles every day. Because for these kids, going to school is a miracle, or not arguing with their parents on the phone, it's a miracle, or getting an A for the first time is a miracle. And so, a lot of times people, you know, wouldn't necessarily look at those little things and say, "Oh, that's a miracle." Those are things that we kinda take for granted, but these kids, it's a fight for them. It's a struggle for them. It's been, you know, a lack of whatever in their life. And so, we get to see those things every single day and experience those things and help them to see who they really are, you know, as people, and help them become their best self. That is a gift.

Maggie: This house has really changed my life and changed who I am as a person. 

And it was so hard at first, but Boys Town has saved my life. 

Abby: Boys Town was a great opportunity for me because I really didn't have a lot growing up. And just coming to Boys Town and experiencing a lot of the opportunities and seeing my friends graduate, it's kind of cool

Ellie: When I came to Boys Town and I just pushed everybody away, they just kept loving on me even though I kept messing up over and over and over again, they just kept loving me and I never experienced that. So, it made me feel loved and appreciated because I am a person and I mean something to somebody.

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