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Cultivating Self-Worth and Bright Futures

At Boys Town, love and guidance transform self-doubt into self-worth, helping children not only recognize but also believe in their own value. Family-Teachers and coaches work tirelessly to foster this belief, leading to remarkable outcomes, like students achieving academic success and pursuing college dreams.

Candi: Boys Town is love. A lot of these kids they don't love themselves. They don’t know how to love themselves.

Aric: they don't know their own value. They don't know their own worth. It takes time for these young men and women to see that. And as Family-Teachers, we help to do that every day. The teachers help to do that every day. The coaches have to do that every day to show these kids they have value and worth. And once they know that, and they get it, and it starts to really click, their pride in self, their self-worth changes over time. 

Jedidiah: Boys Town sets you up for graduation. You can get scholarships. We are able to actually go to college. Me personally, I never thought about going to college, but I applied to college and I'm going to college. I didn't even think I was going to graduate high school. Boys Town is amazing. It's awesome. 

Jayden: It's a really good place for all the kids here. 

Paul: a place of second chances.

Aric: Boys Town to me is a miracle, because it came from nothing, it came from basic farmland that grew into something that has helped hundreds of thousands of people become more productive, and society be more productive for their own families.  

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