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Andre's Story

​​Andre's life was out of control. He was disobedient, defiant and failing in school. After getting caught stealing the family car, he came to Boys ​Town. Seizing this opportunity at a ​second chance, Andre brought his grades up and became a standout athlete. Today, he's a young man headed to college with a bright future.

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Andre: I was on the run because I had stolen a car. I was not doing what I was supposed to. I had gotten on probation, like, three days before my birthday and I was not trying to stay at home. I was looking to tell my probation officer she can't tell me what to do and neither can my parents.

Heather: When Andre came his dad was pretty upset and angry and Andre was pretty angry with his dad. His first year up here dad and Andre had very little contact. I care a great deal about Andre. He has a biological mother but she was never part of his life. He never really had a mom just to mother him and to love on him unconditionally. I am lucky and blessed that I got to do that because he wants to be loved and he wants to do well.

Andre: My relationship with Heather is really good. She's there for me all the time. She listens to me and cares like a mom should. My mom was never there for me. Now I have somebody who's always here.

Heather: His dad made a surprise visit up here and just showed up without anyone knowing on a weekend to surprise Andre. That kind of rekindled their relationship. His dad was able to see how much progress Andre had made. Seeing it for himself he kind of was blown away that his child had changed so much.

Andre: I actually call him every week and he tells me he's proud of me which has never happened before. It's different. It's really different and it's in a good way. If I hadn't came to Boys Town my second option would've been in big boy jail. It's nothing to play with. It was going to be a place that I was going to be in for a while probably until I was 18. Boys Town means a lot to me. It's the reason why I'm sitting right here doing what I'm supposed to be ​doing. I'm getting good grades. I'm in sports. I'm involved in a lot of things that I wouldn't have done back home. I would've still been in trouble had I not come here.

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