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2023 Year in Review

Thanks to an incredible community of supporters, Boys Town's mission of transforming lives continues to thrive. 

Last year, we experienced tremendous growth with over 715,000 children impacted by Boys Town services and programs nationwide. Watch the video below for a glimpse of the incredible difference your support has made.

Man: Boys Town is one of the greatest opportunities I've had in my life. I'm a completely different person. I've kind of went from that class-clown kid that wasn't really doing anything to that leader-role model person who you should be around.

Woman: Boys Town means to me pretty much everything. I mean, they've gotten me through, like, the hardest things in my life. They've been there no matter what. 

Woman: Blood doesn't make a family love does, and Boys Town definitely is my home and I will forever be grateful for that.

Woman: How do I feel about Boys Town? It's like my home, my family. Because literally, it's like when you can count on your family. For me, that's what it is, a family. 

Male: We're just very, very grateful, thankful that we have the prognosis that we do. That the treatment is working, he's doing great and he's moving forward. Definitely been very thankful for Boys Town for what they do and how they approach healthcare. 

Woman: Personally speaking, I wouldn't have made it. I chose to rise above it. I chose not to become my past. 

Woman: Not only are the students happy to be here, the staff is happy to be here also. And so we do credit a lot of that with the partnership we’ve developed with Boys Town.

Man: Successful Futures is the people that really want to see you succeed outside of Boys Town, and they're truly on your side…. Because it's hard when you're a college student and you're on your own, you don't have your family there all the time. And they've kind of become a part of my family, in some sense. 

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