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A Boys Town Initiative


We could solve all of their problems the same way. But every child is different, each with his or her own unique needs, strengths and weaknesses. ​There will always be boys and girls with emotional and behavioral problems who need more encompassing care. Research demonstrates that high quality, family-based residential care and other evidence-based residential programs are essential components of any continuum of care for at-risk youth.*

What Is High-Quality Residential Care?

The Results are Apparent

High quality, family-based residential care like that provided by the Teaching Family Model and the Boys Town Family Home ProgramSM has successfully helped high-needs youth, producing positive short-term and long-term outcomes for those who have been failed by community-based programs and ineffective foster care.

Reduced Long-Term Costs
Every dollar spent on high-quality, family-based residential care can save $198 to $340 per child in long-term societal costs... and can equal millions of dollars over a child's lifetime.

Fewer Negative Behaviors
Research has shown that youth in family-based residential care programs have significantly fewer problems/negative behaviors over time.

Not All Children's Stories Are The Same

But they all deserve a happy ending. Watch their stories.

Stay Informed

Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and legislators are encouraged to contact:

Lisette Burton
(202) 650-6344

* Some examples of quality residential programs are:

  • Teaching Family Model and Boys Town Family Home Program®
  • Sanctuary Model
  • Positive Peer Culture
  • Stop Gap Model