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Boys Town Louisiana partners with candle company Wicks NOLA Town Louisiana partners with candle company Wicks NOLA<p style="text-align:center;"> <span style="background-color:transparent;">​​<a href="">Your candle purchase is a direct donation to Boys Town Louisiana!</a><br></span></p><p> <span style="background-color:transparent;">Boys Town Louisiana, an organization that has been saving children and healing families in our community since 1989, is proud to announce that we have partnered with luxury candle company, Wicks NOLA, to offer a custom-made scented candle that promotes healthy children and families. All proceeds from the sale of these candles, along with sales from a linen spray and candle gift box sets, will benefit Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes and In-Home Family Service programs. Last year alone, Boys Town served nearly 1,000 Louisiana children in need.</span><br></p><p>New Orleans is recognized for being a close-knit community with a strong support system and resilience in the face of a challenge. The phrase, <strong>“How yo' mama an em?"</strong> is a friendly way to inquire about loved ones to ensure that they are all doing well and is the perfect name for a candle that benefits Boys Town with its history of caring for youth and families. </p><p>This multi-colored, tri-scented candle was designed exclusively for Boys Town Louisiana with the assistance of girls, ages 12-18, in our Family Home Program, as part of an entrepreneurial training project. They chose the colors and the scents that reminded them of family. </p><p>The top blue layer represents the peace and harmony of sharing meals and tradition. Upon lighting your candle, the smell of <strong>Black Currant</strong> will improve your family's mood and reduce anxiety. The middle white layer represents the purity and innocence of unconditional family love. The scent of <strong>Sea Salt and Orchids</strong> will create a calming and tranquil effect in your home. The yellow bottom layer represents the joy and optimism of overcoming challenges to rebuild and recover together. The notes of <strong>Watermelon and Lemon</strong> will revitalize your whole family and make y'all feel refreshed and rejuvenated, like a cool drink on a hot, humid day.</p><p>Remember, the next time you greet your neighbor, ask them, “How yo' mama and em?"!</p><p> <a href="">Your candle purchase is a direct donation to Boys Town Louisiana!</a> Our thanks and heartfelt appreciation for supporting our mission.​<br></p>​ <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe> <div> <br> </div><div>Final Product<br></div><div> <img src="/locations/louisiana/news-and-events/PublishingImages/FinalProduct.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /> <br>​<br></div>2023-09-29T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/louisiana/news-and-events/PublishingImages/BTCandles.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Euphoria Warren receives CityBusiness Women of the Year Award Warren receives CityBusiness Women of the Year Award<p style="line-height:1.3;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:1.4em;margin-left:0px;"><img src="/locations/louisiana/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Euphoria-Warren.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-2" alt="" style="margin:5px;" />Join us in congratulating Euphoria Warren, Financial Officer at Boys Town Louisiana, for being awarded The Women of the Year by CityBuisness!<br></p><p style="line-height:1.3;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:1.4em;margin-left:0px;">The Women of the Year award acknowledges 50 women from the region who have achieved success in business and made noteworthy contributions to the community, establishing themselves as influential figures in the area.</p><p style="line-height:1.3;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:1.4em;margin-left:0px;">What it means to Euphoria, winning this award, “I’m extremely honored to be recognized as one of New Orleans CityBusiness Women of the Year. It feels great to be acknowledged in such a way as it is very motivating and further inspires me to continue working to uplift the communities and people we serve.” </p><p style="line-height:1.3;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:1.4em;margin-left:0px;">The honorees will be commemorated at an event taking place from 4-6 PM on Monday, November 6, hosted at the New Orleans Museum of Art!</p><p style="line-height:1.3;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0px;margin-left:0px;">Congratulations Euphoria!<br></p><p><br><br></p><p><br></p>2023-09-29T05:00:00ZNewstext/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
North Florida Executive Director Q3 Letter Florida Executive Director Q3 Letter<p><br></p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Marcus-Lampkin-Photo.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-2" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><span style="background-color:transparent;">D</span><span style="background-color:transparent;">ear Boys Town Family,</span></p><p>This year we celebrate 40 years of bringing hope and healing to thousands of children and families in our community.  This is a major milestone and we celebrate in it!  </p><p>In 1983, Boys Town looked across the country to see how and where we might expand Father Flanagan's mission.  Boys Town's assessment was not only informed by feasibility, but also by need. At the time, Florida was ranked at the bottom of the child welfare system and was in crisis. Boys Town and the Tallahassee community rose to the challenge to address this need and Boys Town North Florida was born. </p><p>Since that time, with your support, we have been able to do great things. We have not only been responsive to the unique needs of our youth and families but have grown in the number, type and quality of services to meet the needs of this community. We are, indeed, thankful for the innovation, creativity and support that provided opportunities and new ways to do our work. However, we are most grateful for the faith and grace bestowed upon us; sustaining and enabling us to continue to carry out our mission of saving children and healing families. </p><p>So, as we take time to reflect upon and celebrate 40 years and this major milestone, we send a heartfelt thanks and express much gratitude to our donors, partners and the organizations that have invested in our mission and supported our most vulnerable children and families for four decades. We are also grateful for Boys Town's foresight and strategic guidance in implementing national initiatives, as well as support for innovation and initiatives tailored to meet the needs of our local community. </p><p>Our faith in and commitment to each other and those we serve has truly been rewarded. We have had many successes over the decades, and will continue to adapt and redefine who we are to best fits the needs of the children and families we serve. </p><p>Gratefully,</p><p> <img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Marcus-Lampkin-Signature.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p><p>Marcus Lampkin</p><p>Executive Director Boys Town North Florida<br></p>2023-09-27T05:00:00ZNewstext/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
National Reunification Month Reunification Month<p></p><p>Did you know that June was National Reunification Month? In 2022, 63% of our discharged youth in Boys Town Foster Family Services reunified with a family member. Reunification remains our number one priority.</p><p>Meet Chad and Claire Conrad and family! As first-time Boys Town foster parents, ten-year-old Riley was their first foster child. The Conrads partnered with Riley's mom Kristen, from day one. They supported each other, provided shared parenting and worked towards the same goal of being amazing parents to Riley. After 16 months, Riley reunified with Kristen. The Conrad family celebrated by going out to eat for the last time as a foster family. Both families remain in contact, live near each other and remain in a connected partnership. Riley and her mom are excelling! This is why we do what we do. </p><p><img src="/locations/nebraska/news-and-events/PublishingImages/national-reunification-month.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br><br></p><p>​</p>2023-09-20T05:00:00ZNewstext/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Employee Spotlight Spotlight<p><span style="background-color:transparent;">Me</span><span style="background-color:transparent;">et Waneta, one of our Family-Centered Services Specialists. Waneta has been a part of our Boys Town team since January 2019 and is the longest tenured direct care provider in our Council Bluffs office. Waneta is outstanding at assisting families in identifying why making some changes can improve their family situation and working with them to reach their goals. She is also a positive role model for other Specialist who are newer to the job, mentoring them and helping them grow in their position.</span></p><p>Some fun facts about Waneta:<br><ol><li>Waneta makes doll clothes during her time off.</li><li>She enjoys fishing with her long-term partner, John.</li><li>She enjoys shopping with family and friends.</li></ol></p><p>Waneta says what she enjoys most about her work is: “Being able to help parents reach their full potential."​<br></p>2023-09-08T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Waneta" src="/locations/iowa/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Waneta.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Employee Spotlight Spotlight<p>​<span style="background-color:transparent;">M</span><span style="background-color:transparent;">eet Chris, one of our Family-Centered Services Supervisors. Chris oversees Solution-Based Casework and Family Preservation Services and has been with Boys Town since December 2017. Chris is great at building relationships and remaining calm in high stress situations, both of which are important in her work with families.  </span></p><p>Some fun facts about Chris:<br></p><ol><li>She was a seamstress and cobbler in another life.</li><li>She is obsessed with indoor plants, currently has approximately 21 of them and would have more if she could make more room!</li><li>She is an avid reader, mostly of suspense novels.</li></ol><p></p><p>Chris says what she enjoys most about working at Boys Town is: “I enjoy the family's we work with and being a part of the change process. I also greatly enjoy helping my team grow."​​<br></p>2023-09-08T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Chris" src="/locations/iowa/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Chris-Felow.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /> <img alt="Chris is 2nd from the right." src="/locations/iowa/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Chris-Felow.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Cox Charities Community Investment Grant Bolsters Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes Program, Empowering Employee-Selected Initiatives Charities Community Investment Grant Bolsters Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes Program, Empowering Employee-Selected Initiatives<p></p><p>In a demonstration of community engagement and social responsibility, Cox Charities has exemplified its commitment to positive change through its Community Investment Grant program. Cox entrusted its employees with the responsibility of selecting grant recipients aligned with the organization's goals. Their employees chose Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes program as a recipient of its Community Investment Grant following a rigorous selection process. </p><p>The grant provided by Cox Charities allows Boys Town Louisiana to ensure that even more vulnerable children benefit from nurturing and supportive family home environments that provide them with social skills training for a bright future. </p><p>Cox Charities Community Investment Grant is a model for how businesses can create meaningful and lasting change within their communities. By entrusting their employees to identify and select grant recipients that align with shared values, companies can channel their resources effectively, fostering a sense of purpose and unity among their workforce while positively impacting society. </p><p>Boys Town Louisiana's Family Homes program continues to thrive with the support of Cox Charities and its dedicated employees; this partnership is a testament to the potential influence of employee-driven corporate philanthropy and community investment. <br></p><p><img src="/locations/louisiana/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Cox-Charities-photo.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p>2023-09-08T05:00:00ZNewstext/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Vegas Stronger Champion: Collaboration Center Stronger Champion: Collaboration Center<p>This article was posted on <a href="" target="_blank"></a> on September 1, 2023.<br><span style="background-color:transparent;">By </span><a href="" target="_blank" style="background-color:transparent;">Justin Bruce</a><span style="background-color:transparent;">. </span></p><p>LAS VEGAS — This month's Vegas Stronger Champion helps families with intellectual and developmental disabilities.</p><p>Diagnosing and treating intellectual and developmental disabilities is the goal of the <a href="">Collaboration Center</a>, housed on a former horse ranch in the Southwest Valley.</p><p>"Some could have autism, they could have Down Syndrome, they could have cerebral palsy, they could have spina bifida, they could have dyslexia," Collaboration Center Foundation co-founder Lynda Tache explained to Channel 13. "We all need to work together because the needs are so great to serve everyone living or touched by intellectual, developmental, learning, or physical disabilities."</p><p>A tortoise rescue habitat, a handicapped-accessible working garden, and a playground dot the five-acre campus. The goal is to make the Collaboration Center an enjoyable place to spend time as it serves as a one-stop shop for families in need of resources. There's even a café staffed by Lynda's son Grant, who holds the title of Chief Inspiration Officer.</p><p>"This is something that I kind of wish I had growing up," Grant told Channel 13. "I really do love working here, and this is a good outlet for people wanting to get services and other stuff for their kids."</p><p>Pathways staffers help families navigate the system to find resources for a variety of disabilities.</p><p>"Because there is a lack of services, a lack of providers, a lack of diagnosing providers for kids who need a diagnosis," explained Pathways Coordinator Mayela Rodriguez, "our job is to alleviate that pain for families by helping them scout the community and providing them what is there to offer."</p><p><a href="/locations/nevada/Pages/default.aspx">Boys Town Nevada</a> is one of those partners, performing on-site diagnoses for autism and neurological conditions, so kids and their families can then get support. John Etzell is their executive director and is excited to be a part of the Collaboration Center.</p><p>"All the other six organizations that are partnering here are coming together to work together, to help solve a problem, to help solve a need for families so they only have to go to one place," Etzell told Channel 13. "So they're not driving from Henderson to North Las Vegas to Summerlin for doctor's appointments, activities, and therapies that their kids may have."</p><p>For their hard work, the Collaboration Center is this month's Vegas Stronger Champion, recognized by <a href="">Findlay Automotive Group's</a> Jeff Giles with a donation check.</p><p>"It's so great to be here at the Collaboration Center and understanding more about what you do making a one-stop shop for so many different charities for families that have different needs, so you're not driving across town, but to be able to come one place in a beautiful location and to have everything all at once. We want to highlight you as our Vegas Stronger Champion for creating this amazing place," Giles said.</p><p>"We appreciate the support," replied Collaboration Center co-founder Lynda Tache. "This is a big undertaking to serve so many families in Nevada that have different disabilities, and we need everyone's support. And we can't do it without you and everybody else that comes alongside us. We're really excited to keep serving the families in our community."​​​<br></p><p>​</p>2023-09-06T05:00:00ZNews<a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="Vegas Stronger Champion" height="230" src="/locations/nevada/news-and-events/PublishingImages/vegas-stronger.JPG" width="410" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /></a>text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Lift with Boys Town with Boys Town<p>​​Lift is bringing together educators, students, families, community members, funders, and Boys Town experts to address students' social-emotional needs. This school-centered program strengthens families, schools and communities by offering a concentration of services at specific schools to improve social support, absenteeism, low parental engagement, disruptive classroom behaviors and family safety.<br></p><div class="ms-rtestate-read ms-rte-wpbox"><div class="ms-rtestate-notify ms-rtestate-read 23213451-aad9-4789-aee7-b537a7abc3d3" id="div_23213451-aad9-4789-aee7-b537a7abc3d3" unselectable="on"></div><div id="vid_23213451-aad9-4789-aee7-b537a7abc3d3" unselectable="on" style="display:none;"></div></div><p>​<a href="" target="_blank">Click here​</a> for the full version of the video.</p><h3>Below are the results of the Lift with Boys Town program after the first year of implementation at West Gate Elementary School in West Palm Beach, FL and at Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood, FL.​</h3><p>West Gate Elementary Results<br></p><p style="text-align:center;"> <img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Lift-with-Boys-Town--West-Gate-1.jpg" alt="" style="margin:0px;width:430px;height:236px;" /> <img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Lift-with-Boys-Town--Weste-Gate-2.jpg" alt="" style="margin:0px;width:430px;height:242px;" />​<img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Lift-with-Boys-Town-West-Gate-3.jpg" alt="" style="margin:0px;width:430px;height:242px;" /><br></p><p>Stirling Elementary Results</p><div><div style="text-align:center;"> <img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Lift-with-Boys-Town--Stirling-1.jpg" alt="" style="margin:0px;width:430px;height:242px;" /> <img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Lift-with-Boys-Town--Stirling-2.jpg" alt="" style="margin:0px;width:430px;height:242px;" /> <img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Lift-with-Boys-Town-Stirling-3.jpg" alt="" style="margin:0px;width:430px;height:242px;" /> <br> </div> </div>2023-09-05T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/SFLA-Lift.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Bethany Welcomes Two New Board Members: Jo Anne Davis and Vanessa Steelman Welcomes Two New Board Members: Jo Anne Davis and Vanessa Steelman<p>We are thrilled to announce the addition of some outstanding individuals to our esteemed Board of Directors! Their passion for our mission and dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of at-risk youth is truly inspiring. Please join us in warmly welcoming our new Board Members to <a href="" target="_blank">Boys Town South Florida</a><br><br>Thank you both for joining our mission to change of the way America cares for children and families.<br></p><p><strong>Learn more about </strong><a href="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/Pages/Welcome-New-Board-Member-Vanessa-Steelman-.aspx"><strong>Vanessa Steelman</strong></a><strong> and </strong><a href="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/Pages/Welcome-New-Board-Member-Jo-Anne-Davis.aspx"><strong>Jo Anne Davis</strong></a>​<br></p>2023-09-05T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Bethany-Lacey-Jo-Anne-Davis-Vanessa-Steelman.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent

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