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Boys Town North Florida Celebrates High School Graduates! Town North Florida Celebrates High School Graduates!<p></p><p>Boys Town North Florida enthusiastically celebrated four students on their recent graduation from Godby High School. Several of these students have resided in the Family Home Program for years, most recently returning to brick-and-mortar school after completing their 2020-2021 school year at the ART Town Academy Center. Each of the graduates intends to move on to attend college or begin their careers in the workforce. <br></p><p>Leading up to graduation, staff, board members and donors graciously donated going-away items for the youth, such as kitchen items, bedding sets, school and work materials, hygiene supplies and more, to fill up personalized totes for each of the four graduates. These totes were gifted to the youth during their graduation party which took place on Thursday, May 26<sup>th</sup>, just a day before their official graduation ceremony. Though unexpected rain modified some of the graduation party plans, Boys Town staff, kids and friends gathered to celebrate these youth on their incredible accomplishments. Throughout the afternoon, the graduates and attendees played games and enjoyed special, graduation-themed treats and snow cones from the Big Easy Snowball truck. <br></p><p>We are so proud of each of these graduates on their incredible achievements. We thank everyone who helped us celebrate them the way they deserve and for sending them off with supplies and skills to succeed.​<br></p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-2c.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;" /> </p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-3c.jpg" alt="" style="background-color:transparent;margin:5px;" /><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-4c.jpg" alt="" style="background-color:transparent;margin:5px;width:317px;height:238px;" /><br></p><p></p>2022-06-22T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town North Florida Graduates" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-1c.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida Congratulates 2022 Next Gen Graduates Town North Florida Congratulates 2022 Next Gen Graduates<p>Boys Town North Florida congratulates its 2021-2022 Next Gen Leaders for officially graduating from the Next Gen program! NextGen is a leadership initiative that welcomes our most dedicated, highly regarded staff members to participate in the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Through this program, Next Gen participants undergo monthly trainings facilitated by various leaders at the site and within Boys Town. Additionally, they read and complete required articles and assessments to further hone their skills.​ <br></p><p>Next Gen was created to give selected staff, who demonstrate a high level of skill and proficiency in their positions, an opportunity to further enhance their leadership skills.  It also allows them to engage with site leadership more directly, in a way that they might not otherwise have had the opportunity.  This investment in staff is aimed at building the sites leadership bench to have skilled staff ready to assume leadership roles at the site or within the organization as a whole as they become available.  <br></p><p>Despite the various startups and recesses due to COVID, this dynamic group of three persevered and graduated.  Cohort Three utilized the knowledge gained from their participation in Next Gen to complete a final assignment that involved developing strategies of how to right the ship at the fictious “Boys Town Hawaii."  They were able to identify gaps in revenue, the absence of marketing to the community and the lack of a real retention plan for staff as a few of the major issues that they wanted to immediately address.    <br></p><p>Congratulations again to our Cohort Three Next Gen class on their completion of the program! </p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-2a.jpg" alt="Boys Town North Florida Graduates" style="margin:5px;width:299px;height:224px;" /><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-3a.jpg" alt="Boys Town North Florida Graduates" style="margin:5px;" /><br><br></p>2022-06-22T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town North Florida Graduates" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-1a.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
In the News: ‘Maddie the Mayor’ Reflects on Time as Mayor of Boys Town the News: ‘Maddie the Mayor’ Reflects on Time as Mayor of Boys Town<p>​<a href="">This article was posted by KMTV on June 13, 2022.</a><br></p><p>BOYS TOWN, Neb. (KMTV) — In 1926, Father Edward Flanagan established a system of self-government at the Village of Boys Town.</p><p>Each year, a new student is elected mayor.</p><p>Maddie Hagan has just completed her term as Boys Town's 121st mayor.</p><p>She campaigned on a message of "one love," as she described it, during the pandemic. "When we were apart, unifying the campus," Hagan continued. "We are a family."</p><p>Tony Jones, vice president of the Successful Futures Program at Boys Town, described Hagan as a natural leader.</p><p>"She embodied what Father Flanagan's mission was. And that is to help young people to become the best they can become," Jones said.</p><p>Who Hagan is today stands in contrast to who she was three years ago, when she came to Boys Town.</p><p>"I thought I would be leaving within the week," Hagan said.</p><p>However, she began to develop trust and grow.</p><p>"My reaction was very hesitant towards how they were treating me because, in my past, I was only shown kindness and niceness if it was in (the) benefit of someone else for an ulterior motive. And with the Skartvedts (family-teachers), with Boys Town, there's no ulterior motive other than making you better (by) helping you. I think, when that clicked, things just started rolling."</p><p>Hagan says she was "very broken" when she arrived on campus.</p><p>Today, she's confident and excited about her future which includes an internship at Boys Town she's already secured.​<br></p>2022-06-20T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Maddie" src="/PublishingImages/Blog/Maddi-beacon-banner.jpeg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida Gathers Together for In-Person GEM Auction at ART Town Town North Florida Gathers Together for In-Person GEM Auction at ART Town<p><em>​One of the many parts that makes Boys Town North Florida's peer culture special is the use of GEMs, which are tokens given out to staff that stand for “Going the Extra Mile." Any staff member or intern can be nominated to receive GEMs; submissions vary anywhere from helping a co-worker complete a form to moving furniture for a family or accompanying a Consultant on a visit. Once per week, the GEM committee gets together to review GEM submissions, rates them with a numerical score and delivers the GEMs to the recipient.</em></p><p>Throughout the year, staff members collect their GEMs in preparation for a GEM auction. During the GEM auction, staff members can use their GEMs like currency to bid on curated, desired items such as gift cards, Boys Town merchandise, kitchen items and more. Since the onset of COVID, Boys Town North Florida hosted Virtual Gem Auctions in 2020 and 2021. This year, due to the improving COVID conditions, Boys Town North Florida hosted their first “back-in-person" GEM auction at ART Town on June 7<sup>th</sup>. </p><p>Staff members entered ART Town, some for the first time in many months, and were greeted with a catered Canopy Road Café breakfast. Staff bid on the many items while they ate breakfast and laughed together at the competitive, jovial discourse that filled the room. Boys Town North Florida appreciated the opportunity to allow staff members to safely gather and be celebrated for their teamwork and hard work.​<br></p><p>​<img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-2b.jpg" alt="Boys Town GEM Auction" style="margin:5px;" /><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-4b.jpg" alt="Boys Town GEM Auction" style="margin:5px;width:271px;" />​</p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-3b.jpg" alt="Boys Town GEM Auction" style="margin:5px;" /><br><br></p>2022-06-20T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town GEM Auction" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/nofla-1b.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
In the News: New 988 Mental Health Hotline Rollout in Nebraska the News: New 988 Mental Health Hotline Rollout in Nebraska<p>​​ <a href="" target="_blank"><em>This article was posted by WOWT on June 14, 2022.</em></a><em> </em></p><p>OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - 911 is the universal number for help, soon 988 will be the number to call for mental health emergencies.</p><p>6 News is On Your Side with what you'll want to know about the rollout in Nebraska.</p><p>The current 11-digit number for the <a href="" target="_blank">National Suicide Hotline </a>is being shrunk down to save lives.</p><p>“We recognize that when people are in a crisis it can be difficult to remember a longer digit number, which is why we are moving into that 988 direction," said Michelle Nunemaker.</p><p>988 is intended to combat the growing problem of mental health issues in America. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people.</p><p>By July 16th all service providers will support 988 and when you dial the number you'll be routed to local responders.</p><p>“If you are calling 911 and it was handled on a national basis that would be very confusing. With this transition to where I'm calling 988 locally, I'm talking to people locally, I'm connected to services locally," said Kyle Kinney, program manager at Boys Town.</p><p>All 988 calls in Nebraska will go through ​<a href="/hotline/Pages/default.aspx?_gl=1%2a1por5e%2a_ga%2aMzQyMTM5NzY2LjE1NDkzMDk3MjA.%2a_ga_LR5Y032XEE%2aMTY1NTQ5NjQ5Mi4xMzUuMS4xNjU1NDk2OTE3LjA." target="_blank">Boys Town</a> but working the national hotline is not new for them.</p><p>“Boys Town, we've been operating it for Nebraska since it began in 2005, so very much feel prepared for that transition. very excited about it," said Kinney.</p><p>Kinney says that crisis counselors are trained in suicidology, crisis de-escalation, safety planning, and Nebraska resource navigation. But if a situation does need emergency services like 911, the hotline is equipped to forward those calls.</p><p>With an easier number to remember, Kyle Kinney anticipates a higher volume of callers but says he's excited to continue servicing the community.</p><p>988 is funded by the state and federal government but officials at Boys Town say they can always use volunteers to support operations.​<br></p><p>​</p>2022-06-20T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town - New 988 number for the Hotline" src="/locations/nebraska/news-and-events/PublishingImages/988.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
2022 Topgolf Corporate Team Challenge Topgolf Corporate Team Challenge<p>​<span style="background-color:transparent;">​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On May 19, 2022, Boys Town Nevada hosted their Topgolf Corporate Team Challenge. It was an evening filled with fun, friendly competition and all six teams played to win. Congratulations to UFC for defending your Championship title and securing back to back wins!</span></p><p>Thank you to all of our teams and sponsors for joining us for an evening of fun in support of Boys Town Nevada. Thank you to our event partners Tito's Handmade Vodka, Dillard's, Fogo de Chao, Christopher Todd Design, and William Carr Gallery for donating some incredible auction packages for our golfers to enjoy.</p><p>This support of Boys Town Nevada directly impacts kids and families in Southern Nevada! Last year, over 6,000 children were impacted by Boys Town Nevada. We're only able to do this with the support of community partners like you. THANK YOU!<br></p><h3 style="text-align:center;">Thank you to our sponsors...<br></h3><p style="text-align:center;">​<img src="/locations/nevada/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Pages/2022-Topgolf-Corporate-Team-Challenge/topgolf-sponsors.jpg" alt="topgolf-sponsors.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-4" style="margin:5px;width:698px;height:459px;" /></p><p><br></p><br>2022-06-15T05:00:00ZNewstext/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town South Florida Hosts Educational Breakfast for Elected Officials Town South Florida Hosts Educational Breakfast for Elected Officials<p> <span style="display:block;float:right;width:300px;font-size:10px;color:#4d4d4d;line-height:normal;margin:0px 0px 1rem 1rem;"><img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/SFLA-leadership-breakfast-1.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:100%;height:auto;display:block;" />From left: PBC School Board Dist. 2 Alexandria Ayala; Vice Mayor of Palm Beach Gardens Rachelle Litt; Boys Town South Florida Executive Director Bethany Lacey; West Palm Beach City Commissioner Christina Lambert, and former Mayor of West Palm Beach Jeri Muoio.</span>Boys Town South Florida was honored to host several local and statewide leaders for an elected officials leadership breakfast. During this breakfast, Boys Town staff had the opportunity to educate their community leaders around the LIFT Together initiative.</p><p>LIFT Together with Boys Town is bringing together educators, students, families, community members, and Boys Town experts to address every student's social-emotional needs. This coordinated action is what makes the initiative so powerful, because only together we can positively change the life of a child.</p><p>The implementation of the LIFT Together programming requires a multi-year commitment that ensures the quality of programming, relationship building, and sustainability over time. Schools and communities choose which parts of the program they want to implement as all may not be needed.</p><p> <span style="display:block;float:left;width:300px;font-size:10px;color:#4d4d4d;line-height:normal;margin:0px 1rem 1rem 0px;"><img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/SFLA-leadership-breakfast-2.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:100%;height:auto;display:block;" />From left: Boys Town South Florida Executive Director Bethany Lacey; Florida State Senator Bobby Powell and former Mayor of West Palm Beach Jeri Muoio.</span>In attendance were local commissioners, City Council members, elected school board members, and State Legislators. The group was very engaged and interested in the program and excited to learn about resources available to their constituents. “The passion everyone has for supporting at-risk children and families within our community was truly inspiring," said Executive Director Bethany Lacey. “We are so grateful for all the support we have from our community leaders."</p><p>Boys Town South Florida would like to thank Great Cities for All, who without their support, this event would not have happened. Led by Dr. Jeri Muoio and Bill Newgent, Great Cities for All is a local firm focused on leadership development, culture enhancement, government relations, and community building.</p><p>Boys Town South Florida recently received a grant which allowed them to partner with Great Cities for All to provide support as they expand their local brand recognition.</p><p>Development Director Daniela Mesquita stated, “Because of Jeri and Bill's support and partnership, we were able to get the right people to the table."</p><p>Boys Town South Florida is looking forward to opening their first LIFT Together program in August 2022 and continuing to work with community members and state leaders to help children and families!​<br></p> <span style="display:block;width:400px;font-size:10px;color:#4d4d4d;line-height:normal;margin:0px auto;"><img src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/SFLA-leadership-breakfast-3.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:100%;height:auto;display:block;" />Pictured: Senator Hon. Bobby Powell, AICP, Representative Jervonte “Tae” Edmonds, Council member Suzy Diaz, Palm Beach Gardens Vice Mayor Rachelle Litt, Commissioner Christina Lambert, Commissioner Mack Bernard, School board members Marcia Andrews and Alexandria Ayala, PBC Vice Mayor Gregg Weiss, former Mayor Jeri Muoio, Ph.D., Bill Newgent, and Boys Town South Florida Board of Director Derek Harris</span>2022-06-08T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="" src="/locations/south-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/SFLA-leadership-breakfast-sml-bnr.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Safe 2 Help App Allows for Anonymous Reporting of School Safety Threats in all Nebraska Schools 2 Help App Allows for Anonymous Reporting of School Safety Threats in all Nebraska Schools<p>​<em>​​This article was originally written by Jon Kipper on May 27, 2022 and posted on </em><a href="" target="_blank"><em></em></a><em>.</em><br></p><p></p><p>School safety is on the forefront of nearly every parent's mind right now and it's something that Nebraska schools have recently honed in on using technology.</p><p>The Safe 2 Help app started in the Omaha area. It was so widely successful that its use was expanded across the state.</p><p>1,300 reports have been made so far, some of which may have quietly saved lives.</p><p>“We are excited because yes, we are making a difference," said Jolene Palmer, Director of School Safety for the Nebraska Department of Education.</p><p>After legislative approval last year, the app is available to every school in Nebraska.</p><p>Palmer said the app gives voice to the voiceless and is 100% anonymous, which can be an especially helpful feature for rural schools.</p><p>“Everybody knows who comes out of the principal's office, everybody knows who comes out of a counselor's office and then there's a little bit of hubbub and then they start talking to students and everybody knows then who has told," said Palmer.</p><p>The way it works is simple.</p><p>Students, staff and individual can make a report on the app. The report then goes to experts at Boys Town who decide whether it's a life-threatening matter and tell law enforcement, or simply inform school staff.</p><p>Palmer said the expertise of Boys Town is key.</p><p>“It is a natural fit that they have been phenomenal partners."</p><p>The most frequent reports are mental health-related issues, suicide concerns and bullying, but Boys Town has received dozens of reported threats as well: some of which were deemed credible.</p><p>“We know that six of them actually ended up being credible threats and were thwarted," said Palmer.</p><p>All schools located within Sarpy County have another way to report potential threats to school safety called "TIPS," which schools receive directly and can relay to law enforcement if the threat could be life-threatening.</p><p>Check out the full story from <a href="$" target="_blank">KMTV</a> and <a href="$" target="_blank">Omaha World Herald</a>.<br></p>2022-06-03T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Safe2Help" src="/PublishingImages/Blog/safe2help-banner.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town New England’s Foster Family Services Program Helps Natasha Become a Role Model for Other Youth Town New England’s Foster Family Services Program Helps Natasha Become a Role Model for Other Youth<p>​​​Entering the foster care system nine years ago at the age of 10, Natasha came from a background of abuse. But thanks to Boys Town New England's Foster Family Services program, she gained an understanding of coping skills for how to process emotions in a positive way. She became able to accept 'no' as an answer, disagree appropriately, and talk through and explain the way she was feeling.  </p><p>Natasha's foster mother of nine years set clear and consistent expectations to follow. Faith, her Boys Town Foster Family Services Consultant, describes the home as “a tight ship – where positive behavior gains rewards, and not following through brings negative consequences."  </p><p>Natasha has since impacted the lives of incoming children who needed a positive role model within the home. Her foster mom credits Natasha with taking the initiative to help younger youth in the home, acting as a positive role model. They see Natasha has been in their shoes, realizing if they listen and do things correctly, they'll thrive as well.  </p><p>Recently, a youth entered the home with a similar traumatic past as Natasha, along with comparable troubling behaviors. This juvenile began watching how Natasha reacted to situations, performed in school – paying attention to her grades, and how she interacted with her peers and foster parents.  Natasha's model behavior of focusing her energy on good grades, school, friends, relationships and what it takes to be overall successful, aided in the foster youth's performance evolving positively within a month-and-a-half of her arrival to the home.</p><p>Before transitioning out of the foster care system and on to independent living, Natasha realized she would need a little more assistance. The challenge of graduating from high school and navigating the outside world can be overwhelming. Faith praised Natasha with advocating for her own needs and asking for help when she needed it. This resulted in a one-year extension within her foster home.  </p><p>“My family encouraged me to speak up for the things I wanted," Natasha said. “They taught me I have input and to not be afraid to have a say. That it will benefit me in the long-run."</p><p>With the help of a resource worker, Natasha was linked to additional support for her first year of attending college. She obtained information on scholarships, which she followed through on and took advantage of.  </p><p>Natasha graduated from high school while working a part-time job and entered a state university studying criminal justice during the fall of 2021. She made the Dean's List after her first semester.</p><p>“It has taken years of guidance and redirection to get where I am today," Natasha said. “My family has given me guidance, understanding and multiple second chances to see me change. That support made me want to do better."</p><p>Armed with the tools and confidence she needed to turn her life around, Natasha is on her way to a productive life. She will transition to independent living at the end of the spring semester.<br></p><p>“Independent living will give me insight on things I may have been blinded to – things my parents take care of," she said. “The change will be more than environmental.  I'm not scared, I look forward to learning new skills and making progress."<br></p><p>Outside of graduating from college, Natasha's goals for the future are being happy and making other people happy, along with financial stability.<br></p><p>“Natasha has made amazing progress during her time with us," Faith said. “She has been defying all statistics and is a leader, role model, hard-working, goal-oriented and a special young adult."<br></p><p>​<br><br></p>2022-06-02T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Boys Town - Natasha" src="/locations/new-england/news-and-events/PublishingImages/Natasha-5.22-Pic.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent
Boys Town North Florida ‘Racing for the Roses’ Spirit of Youth Gala Town North Florida ‘Racing for the Roses’ Spirit of Youth Gala<p>​Boys Town North Florida was thrilled to host their 17<sup>th</sup> annual Spirit of Youth Gala, this year debuting a new “Racing for the Roses" Kentucky Derby theme. Throughout the evening more than 200 attendees danced and enjoyed soulful, live music and savored delicious southern cuisine all while honoring our distinguished speakers and awardees. <br></p><p>After a two-year hiatus, the evening radiated an infectious energy; both returning and new attendees gathered to marvel in the sights and soak up the southern, rustic charm provided by The Space at Feather Oaks. Taking place on May 7<sup>th</sup>, the day of the Kentucky Derby, the beautifully renovated barn space fostered the perfect derby-evening experience.<br></p><p> <img class="page-suppt-cont-alt" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/R4R-2.jpg" alt="Spectators Enjoying the Concert" style="margin:5px;width:400px;height:266px;" />The evening featured a brief but impactful program: a heartfelt, deeply personal testimony from youth alumnus Moniece Jackson both inspired and intently engaged the crowd; she shared how her experience at Boys Town North Florida changed the trajectory of her future. Attendees were astonished at Moniece's resilience and passion to give back to a community she was once felt resentful at. Her story reminded the audience of the important work that happens daily at Boys Town. In addition, long-time friends and donors Dale and Pamela Tadlock were honored with the Spirit of Youth award for their contributions and dedication supporting Boys Town over the years.<br></p><p><span><img class="page-suppt-cont" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/R4R-3.jpg" alt="Boys Towns Employees posing for a picture" style="margin:5px;width:400px;height:266px;" /></span>Upon conclusion of the program, guests sporting bowties and fascinators enjoyed a livestream broadcast of the 148<sup>th</sup> Kentucky Derby, cheering loudly for their horse and jockey duo to come out as the victor. For the remainder of the evening, guests soaked up the fabulous food, entertainment and environment while bidding on curated auction items, visiting the bourbon and cigar bars and playing competitive games of cornhole.<br></p><p> Boys Town North Florida thanks the following sponsors and vendors for making the 17<sup>th</sup> Spirit of Youth Gala one to remember: ​<br></p><p><span><span><img class="page-suppt-cont-alt" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/R4R-4.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:400px;height:258px;" /></span></span>SPONSORS: Dermatology Associates, Visiting Angels, Walmart, Tally Mac Shack, RJ Young, MDWD Wealth Management Group, Southeastern Plastic Surgery, JTKE, LLC, North Florida Financial, Leon County Sheriff's Office, Akbar Law Firm and McBurrows Law, Sheri and Matt Bryan, Jill and Tim Meenan, Anne and Greg Martin, Abby and Will Pichard, Leslie and Charley Redding, Mark and Sally Rosser. <br></p><p><span></span>VENDORS: Tallahassee Nights Live, Crouton and Company, FUMA Cigars, Capital City Bourbon, Fizz & Foam, and SarahVi Photography. Also, Hearth and Soul and Nic's Toggery as contest judges. <br></p><p> We are grateful for the continued support received from our North Florida community and look forward to gathering next year for the 18th annual Spirit of Youth Gala, celebrating Boys Town North Florida's 40th anniversary.</p><p><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/R4R-5.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px;width:400px;height:266px;" /><img src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/R4R-6.jpg" alt="Boys Town - Dancing to the music" style="margin:5px;width:400px;height:266px;" /><br></p><p>​</p>2022-05-25T05:00:00ZNews<img alt="Dancing for Roses" src="/locations/north-florida/news-and-events/PublishingImages/R4R-1.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />text/html; charset=utf-8 NewsEvent

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