LIFT Together with Boys Town: Helping Families Succeed

​​Communication is always a key when solving differences – especially in families. Thanks to Boys Town's LIFT Program, those communication barriers are being overcome.

In communities across America, groups and organizations are successfully tackling issues that most seriously impact their most vulnerable populations. But they are limited by their size, scope and access to resources. Boys Town wants to utilize the best programs, with the strongest results, to lift families out of despair and impact policies and procedures based on solid evidence. That's the idea behind LIFT Together with Boys TownSM – to work in concert to more effectively help children and families by focusing on prevention and partnership.

Recently, an Omaha family was referred to the program after their daughter was working with the Juvenile Assessment Center through the Diversion Program due to a shoplifting charge. The junior in high school had earned minimal credits and was not attending school regularly. It didn't appear likely she would graduate. Her mother said her daughter was hanging out with friends who were negative influences and also reported substance abuse, leaving home without permission and constant negative interactions between the two.

The Boys Town consultant immediately began working with several services and providers to aid the family. One of the main goals was the establishment of a working educational plan. Alternative schooling options were explored and the family was connected to a provider from Multiple Pathways who ultimately was able to help the daughter create a solid educational plan that included going back to her home school to earn more credits before signing up for the Accelerated Program. The consultant worked with the family in learning skills such as identifying and using resources, advocating for their needs, and maintaining communication.

To address behaviors in the home, the consultant worked with the mother on parenting skills and with the daughter on social skills, such as how to ask for permission, how to accept no, and how to communicate effectively.

The daughter also learned how to find and apply for a job and successfully obtained employment as well as her driving permit which has fostered her independence.

Success was achieved when her mother said the girl no longer leaves home without permission and has made tremendous improvement with being able to accept no.

Now, mom and daughter have restored their relationship through learning how to communicate effectively. The daughter is motivated to get a high school diploma and is attending school regularly as well as night school to catch up on credits.