Boys Town Care Coordination Services Helps South Omaha Family

Helping families get their feet on the ground is a goal of Boys Town Care Coordination Services in South Omaha. During the current immigration crisis, providing these services to new immigrant families is even more critical.

Recently, a Boys Town Care Coordination Specialist met with a mother of a family who came to the United States from Honduras this past summer. The family was referred to Boys Town by a school social worker at Central Park Elementary.

Sandra (mom) and Ariel (dad) are parents of Christopher, a first grader, and Thiago, a 7-month-old infant. The Specialist learned the family was living with the father's sister. Unfortunately, the youngest son had significant medical issues and was referred to Children's Hospital.

Boys Town always tries to connect families with providers that can help in a number of different areas. In this case, finding housing for the family was made a priority. Several additional needs were also identified, such as employment, transportation, medical insurance and school support.

The family was able to get rental help through the Nebraska Cash Assistance program to pay their deposit and two months of rent. They also were able to get help in finding clothes and household items from different organizations and individuals.

One organization, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, provided a bed for one ofthe kids. Hearth Ministry Center and Heartland Ministry Center helped in supplying pantry and laundry services. And Omaha Public Power District helped in getting services running for the new apartment.

The Boys Town Specialist will now focus on teaching the parents how to use the Metro system for transportation, how to open a bank account, and help them recognize the value and name of each coin, along with other basic concepts of the American culture.

Boys Town continues to offer healing and hope to children and families.

"When you help a child today, you write the history of tomorrow."~Father Flanagan​