10th Annual Blue Water Bash

The 10th annual Blue Water Bash took place on July 24, 2021 hosting more than 300 guests at the Boys Town Okoboji Camp and this year they made a splash by raising more than $200,000. 

Those in attendance enjoyed live and silent auctions, a game of heads or tails sponsored by TR Construction & Contour Construction, remarks from our event co-chairs, Melissa Jensen and Barry Sackett, and Boys Town Class of 2015 Alum, Holly Schumacher.

In her speech, Holly recalled the day she came to Boys Town in 2014 “feeling angry, resentful and all alone." After a few months went by, Holly “felt important when I was at Boys Town. The weight of trying to fit in, or grudges with my family were slowly bring lifted." She told how her trip to Okoboji with her Boys Town family helped her realize the love she had for her own family.

“I'm here speaking to you all today because I believe so strongly in what Boys Town does for every child there," said Holly. “Regardless of their upbringing or what brought them there, and regardless of what they're trying to fix. Boys Town heals. It saved my family and who I was meant to be."

This year's event kicked off with a memorial prayer on the Boys Town beach for Bash Co-Founder Peg O'Brien Reit.  Former Family Teacher Lori Mathsen was honored posthumously along with her family with the “Wavemaker" Award. The award recognized all of the Family's contributions to the Boys Town community in their 30 years as Family Teachers.

The bash ended of the night with drinks, dancing and music by The Fishheads was kicked off with a rendition of "He Ain't Heavy" by the Hollies. Boys Town Historian, Tom Lynch, gave a brief history of the song.

Boys Town extends a thank you to all the gracious donors and sponsors who contributed to this year's event which affords our youth and families the opportunity to experience a safe and memorable family vacation while helping to revitalize the existing camp facilities so they're safe and preserved to meet future needs.

If you were not able to attend, it isn't too late to still make a donation this year or to learn more about our event. Supporters and donors like you help fund camp expenses, including food, supplies, upgrades and equipment. But there are many other ways you can support Boys Town, including sharing your time, talent and treasure. To learn more, please reach out to