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New School Ribbon Cutting Release

Boys Town to Open New School with Ribbon Cutting

BOYS TOWN, Neb. – Boys Town holds a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new Boys Town Education Center. Boys Town firmly believes that a strong education is a lifechanging foundational opportunity that all youth deserve. The three-story, 110,000 square feet facility will house all Boys Town students, grade 4-12. The new school has innovative learning spaces, modern-day technology, and cutting-edge science laboratories. Boys Town students and educators will have the tools and environment they need to be the most successful.

The previous Boys Town High School, constructed in 1948, has helped thousands of children succeed. However, times have changed, the facility was not able to adequately meet the challenges students face today and was in dire need of updating. 75 years later, after many renovations, Boys Town’s National Board of Trustees determined it was time to rebuild.

“We believe that all schools should be restorative places where students are safe, recognized, supported, and fully engaged in learning,” said Rod Kempkes, Boys Town Chief Executive Officer. “We want them to learn how to build healthy, caring relationships with teachers, administrators, and fellow students”.

The new Education Center, with its cutting-edge science labs, multi-level media center, innovative technology, and welcoming learning environments, will help Boys Town students receive a quality education that will forever change their lives, the lives of their families, and the future of their communities.

“This Education Center reaffirms Boys Town’s commitment to ensuring that all our young people receive fair and equal education opportunities, where mental, social and emotional well-being are addressed to create a safe and positive learning environment for our kids,” states Lindsay Meier, Boys Town School Superintendent. “Most importantly, it is an investment in the future of our Boys Town kids and serves as a legacy to Father Flanagan’s belief that all children deserve the chance to learn and grow to their fullest potential in body, mind and spirit”.

Ongoing research has shown time and again the powerful role of education in combating poverty, improving the standard of living, and changing the trajectory of youth in need. More than 80% of students that arrive at Boys Town have significant academic deficiencies or behavioral challenges. Yet, 97% graduate from high school or continue their education after leaving Boys Town.

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For more than 100 years, Boys Town has been a beacon of hope for America’s children and families through its life-changing youth care and healthcare programs. Each year almost 500,000 children and families across the United States are impacted by Boys Town programs. Our organization makes a positive impact and improves the lives of those in need and provides care and support for at-risk children and families across the country. We do this through our Medical Specialties, Youth Servies and Crisis Hotline. You can find more information about Boys Town online at

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