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Boys Town’s 31 Days of Mental Health Moments

BOYS TOWN, Neb. – Boys Town Announces 31 Days of Mental Health Moments to help educators support students. The moments consist of short, daily activities which range from positive self-talk to coping skills and breathing strategies. Each of the moments have been curated by the crisis counselors at the Boys Town National Hotline and are available on

Boys Town has been changing the ways that America cares for children and families for more than 100 years, including over 30 years of research-proven training for educators. We understand that the education systems in our communities are facing unprecedented critical issues. Student absenteeism, disruptive classroom behavior, disengaged parents and educators who are overwhelmed and frustrated by a lack of resources are driving many of our communities into crisis. On top of this sits a mental health crisis that is taking center stage in many classrooms. Studies show that 50% of adolescents, age 13 to 18, have a mental health condition, while 1 in 6 children, ages 2 to 8, are dealing with a mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder.

“As the people who ultimately know our students best within the school context,” said Jen Buth Bell, Boys Town Program Replication Manager, “We have to serve as the connection between them and the additional resources they and their families need”.

With the prevalence of mental health challenges impacting life at school and life at home, Boys Town has continually developed accessible resources to build strategies of care for the children struggling with challenges in their mental health. 31 Days of Mental Health Moments highlights 31 of our resources designed for adolescents at any point in their mental health journey (not in love with journey, seems so cliché) With these activities, parents and education professionals are encouraged to start a conversation about emotional wellness development and inspire a healthier approach to combating the emotional challenges that face their students. To learn more about Boys Town’s 31 Days of Mental Health follow

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Boys Town is a beacon of hope for America’s children and families through its life-changing youth care and health care programs across the United States. Now more than 100 years strong, Boys Town provides the right services at the right time based on a child’s or family’s needs. In 2021, Boys Town’s youth care and health care programs impacted more than 500,000 children and families across America. This includes those who received services from Boys Town’s traditional programs as well as those served by the many varied programs which comprise the Boys Town Continuum of Child and Family Services, including In-Home Family Services, health care services provided by Boys Town National Research Hospital and the Boys Town National Hotline.

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