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Boys Town Residential Treatment Center Celebrates 25 Years

Boys Town, Neb. – December 26th marks 25 years of Boys Town Residential Treatment Center serving kids and families in our community. The first Residential Treatment Center opened in downtown Omaha the day after Christmas in 1995. When most of the city was enjoying their presents, Boys Town was overjoyed to give the best gift of all- the gift of a brighter and healthier future to children in need. Now, 25 years later, with the help of the employees, youth, and justice advocates, donors, family, friends and all who believe children deserve the chance to succeed, we continue to provide this care to even more children in need. Never wavering from the commitment to save children and heal families.

“What makes our program unique is it a program created for kids; with bright colors, high ceilings, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, home-like living facilities, all while having a staff trained to care for the mental and behavioral needs of kids,” Dennis Vollmer, Director of RTC said.

Boys Town Residential Treatment Center serves children ages 5-17 who have severe behavioral and mental health problems through proven medically directed treatment programs. Since 1995 RTC has provided more than 500,000 days of care for 4,000 kids from 30 states and several foreign countries. What started as 20 beds at 30th and Dodge, has grown to currently 80 beds at the Residential Treatment Center on the Boys Town Campus.

Boys Town Residential Center is important because it provides hope for kids who have not found success in other programs and are not ready for a program like a Family Home program. The RTC supports the Boys Town continuum, adjusting care as children’s needs increase or decrease. And finally, it provides a consistent, positive environment supported by staff who really care about the youth they work with.

About Boys Town National Research Hospital

Boys Town National Research Hospital offers a broad range of hospital and clinic services, backed by 40 years of life-changing research to provide the latest, most innovative care to our patients. The Hospital is internationally recognized as a leader in hearing research and clinical care and is leading research efforts in language and neuroscience to improve the lives of children and families across America.

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