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Boys Town National Research Hospital - New Seizure Clinic

Boys Town National Research Hospital Announces New Clinic for First-Time Seizures

For Immediate release: Friday September 17, 2021

Boys Town, Neb. – Boys Town today announces a new Seizure Clinic dedicated specifically for children with first-time seizures, to be seen quickly, with far less time from call to care. Nothing strikes fear into a parent’s heart like watching their child go through a seizure. Coupling that with long wait times for a neurology visit can feel overwhelming and nervewracking.

Boys Town National Research Hospital is helping solve that problem for children and parents.

“Our goal with the First-Time Seizure Clinic is to see children quickly,” said Deepak Madhavan, M.D., Executive Medical Director of Boys Town Pediatric Neuroscience. “This is important in first-time seizures because we want the child to receive appropriate medical care as soon as possible if the seizure is serious. And even when it isn’t serious, we want parents and children reassured to relieve that stress and concern.”

It is estimated that five to 10 percent of children will have at least one seizure. Not all need ongoing medical care, however Boys Town pediatric neurologists say all children who experience a seizure need to be seen and evaluated by a medical provider.

Any child who has had their first-ever seizure in the last month, and not already diagnosed with epilepsy or a seizure disorder, can be seen at Boys Town’s First-Time Seizure Clinic. Children are evaluated by pediatric neurologists who specialize in epilepsy care to help identify the cause of the child’s first seizure and help the family establish a management or treatment plan if necessary. If needed, diagnostic imaging is available on site, so there’s less waiting involved.\

The new clinic is located at Boys Town Pediatric Neurology, 14080 Hospital Road on Boys Town campus.


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