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Boys Town Breaks Ground for New Education Center

BOYS TOWN, Neb. – Boys Town holds a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of the New Education Center on campus. The construction will begin for the new 110,000 square feet school on the current location of the high school. The new three-story facility will house all students on campus, including those currently located in the High School and Wegner School buildings.

The current Boys Town High School, constructed in 1948, has helped thousands of children succeed. However, times have changed, the facility is not able to adequately meet the challenges students face today and is in dire need of updating. The school has undergone repeated repairs and renovations over the years to ensure the safety of the students, but after extensive analysis, our National Board of Trustees determined it is more economical to rebuild than to attempt another renovation.

“This new education center will help Boys Town continue to provide a safe and inspiring learning experience for our students,” said Father Steven Boes, Boys Town National Executive Director. “We continue to make improvements on our campus as the needs of our children change and we remain committed to ensuring that all our youth receive fair and equal educational opportunities.”

“Many Boys Town youth have come from challenging environments and never had the opportunity to attend a well-resourced school where they can receive a quality education,” said Rod Kempkes, Chief Executive Officer at Boys Town. “Our school is an active part of care, treatment, and behavioral research that are foundational to Boys Town programs used at schools throughout the country.”

Ongoing research has shown time and again the powerful role of education in combating poverty, improving the standard of living, and changing the trajectory of youth in need. More than 80% of students that arrive at Boys Town have significant academic deficiencies or behavioral challenges. Yet, 97% graduate from high school or continue their education after leaving Boys Town.

About Boys Town

Boys Town is a beacon of hope for America’s children and families through its life-changing youth care and health care programs across the United States. Now more than 100 years strong, Boys Town provides the right services at the right time based on a child’s or family’s needs. In 2020, Boys Town’s youth care and health care programs impacted more than 500,000 children and families across America. This includes those who received services from Boys Town’s traditional programs as well as those served by the many varied programs which comprise the Boys Town Continuum of Child and Family Services, including In-Home Family Services, health care services provided by Boys Town National Research Hospital and the Boys Town National Hotline.

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