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Big Things Coming for Boys Town’s Successful Futures Program

Big Things on the Horizon for Boys Town’s “Successful Futures” Program: Building Pathways to Brighter Futures

BOYS TOWN, Neb. – Boys Town is taking its efforts to a new level to provide continuous care and guidance for youth in the period leading up to, and after high school graduation. Starting this month, the Successful Futures program will serve all Boys Town high school seniors. With a strong focus on senior planning, proactive support and workforce development, Successful Futures will provide an invaluable resource for young adults as they transition to their new levels of independence.

A significant part of the Successful Futures program is housing services at the Hilltop Apartments on the Boys Town campus. These living quarters support Family Home Program graduates taking part in the Successful Futures program, providing safe and affordable housing, life-skills training, and independent-living skills coaching. According to Rod Kempkes, CEO of Boys Town, the new Successful Futures program adds a significant service to all Boys Town graduates.

"I'm thrilled to be leading the Successful Futures team in empowering our young men and women to thrive after leaving Boys Town by filling the gaps and creating successful pathways to adulthood," said Tony Jones, Vice President of Successful Futures. "We will do this through life skills education, workforce development via trade life and job placement, meeting transportation and healthcare needs, emotional support and more."

The transition from high school to adult life can be difficult for any young person. Boys Town’s Successful Futures program was designed to prepare young men and women, both before and after high school graduation, to successfully making this transition by delivering stable support systems, a community of peers, a safe and affordable place to live, and workforce development opportunities. With a strong focus on senior planning, proactive support and workforce development, Successful Futures provides an invaluable resource for young adults as they tradition to new levels of independence.

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