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Palm Beach County, Florida, Names December 12th Boys Town Day

Boys Town Day

In 1917, an Irish priest had a vision to not only change the lives of children for the better, but to ensure that they all had a chance at having a healthy and happy future. One-hundred years later and that vision—Father Flanagan's vision—has continued to impact the lives of children and families all over the nation.

With nine different sites currently spread across the country, Boys Town is always serving the community and giving a helping hand to those in need. One community that cherishes all of the selfless acts and contributions from Boys Town is Palm Beach County, Florida, located in Southern Florida. Since opening 26 years ago, Boys Town South Florida has touched the lives of over 100,000 individuals in the Palm Beach community and on December 5, 2017, Mayor Melissa McKinlay showed her appreciation for a dream that will continue to save lives for years to come.

After a unanimous decision, Mayor Melissa McKinlay presented a proclamation at the County Board Commissioners meeting, to the Board of Directors Chair, Dan Overbey, declaring December 12, 2017 as "Boys Town Day" in the Palm Beach community.

"We are honored that Mayor McKinlay and the County Commissioners recognized our 100th Anniversary with the proclamation declaring December 12, 2017 "Boys Town Day" in Palm Beach County," said Executive Director, Amy Simpson. "In addition to increasing awareness and visibility, the proclamation recognized how Father Flanagan's dream is continuing to change lives today and every day in our community."

Boys Town is honored to carry out the powerful and loving mission of Father Flanagan that has touched the lives of millions, for the past 100 years.