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Spotlight on: In-Home Family Services


​​Every family has problems. In crisis situations, the difference between families who stay united and those that fall apart often depends on how effectively parents can deal with difficult challenges.

Boys Town In-Home Family Services® is designed to strengthen struggling families. Our Family Consultants work in the home (and virtually!), partnering with parents and teaching them the skills they need to overcome obstacles and handle problems in more constructive, positive ways. Our Consultants also help families be more proactive to prevent future problems. For example, when relationships in the Vega family started to fray because of disrespectful behaviors and school failures, a Boys Town Family Consultant provided a path toward healing and harmony. This is the family's story.

The Vegas were referred to Boys Town because Mom was struggling to get the children to follow instructions and take responsibility for their actions. The dinner table was a daily battlefield where arguments erupted because the kids refused to put away their video games and phones. Their addiction to digital devices was disrupting family meals and adversely affecting their social relationships and schoolwork.

Family Consultant Claudia Varela worked with the parents, teaching them new parenting skills and strategies, including how to set limits, provide positive attention and use appropriate consequences. She helped the parents create distraction-free family meals by having everyone place their electronic devices in a basket during dinnertime to encourage conversation and family bonding. Claudia also persuaded the family to unplug during their free time and engage in healthier physical activities, such as riding bikes and playing outdoor games.

It took patience and effort, but with Claudia's help and guidance, the Vega family found harmony and began to thrive. Their teenage son, Miguel, gained renewed confidence and refocused on his academics. Now, he's taking honors classes and earning good grades.

Thanks to Claudia and the rest of our dedicated team of Family Consultants, families like the Vegas are improving their communication skills, developing healthier habits and strengthening their relationships.

Thank you Children's Services Council of Broward County and Palm Beach County Youth Services Department for supporting our In-Home Family Services!