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Our Wish for 2021


As we reflect on 2020, we see struggle. We see countless families desperate for help as they deal with the pandemic. We see the mental health of so many impacted as the crisis continues and stress and worries increase. We also see hope. We see hope for a brighter tomorrow. And we hold onto that hope as we we double our efforts. During this difficult time, we have continued to provide crucial services to the South Florida community, and we adjusted our programs to safely and effectively serve the children and families who desperately needed us this year.

Please support our focus to preserve families. We believe all children deserve the same opportunities in life regardless of their circumstances. Because of the growing community need for more parent support to help with youth behavior issues, Boys Town South Florida needs YOU in 2021 to expand the reach of three of our six programs; the three are:

1)     Behavioral Health Clinic offers outpatient clinical services for children of all ages through individual therapy, family therapy and psychological evaluations.
2)     Care Coordination Services provides a lifeline for children suffering from mental health issues by connecting them with programs or resources that can provide the best care.
3)     In-Home Family Services empowers parents by teaching them new parenting skills right in their homes, providing emotional support 24/7 and linking them to community resources for support.

All three services combined helped more than 1,120 children and their families through the end of October, and there is a waiting list.

Combining over 100 years of experience at the national level, almost 30 years in South Florida and extensive program evaluation and research, Boys Town raises the bar for organizations treating at-risk children and struggling families. And we need YOU to keep reaching out to more children and families so we can continue to build a better community together!  

Please make a donation today to Boys Town South Florida!

Happy Holidays!

For the children,
Lauren Anderson
Executive Director​

Help us teach love in 2021